What Seeds You are Growing in your Relationship?

What Seeds You are Growing?What seeds you are growing

Many things that we have or who we are, is the product of what we did and what we continuously doing till now.

Our character, our attitudes are the results of our habits developed overtime.

The Principle of Harvest 

What we reap today is what we have planted years back.

What we are planting right now, is what we will harvest in the future.

Don’t expect to grow a mango by planting an avocado.

This is a universal law.

If we are planting today seeds of hatred, resentment, un-forgiveness; then what we expect to harvest?

If we plant hatred, we reap hatred. If we plant love, we will reap love.

 Planting seed for Good Relationship

If we are not planting a seed of good relationship with our family, with our kids, with our relatives, with our friends, what do we expect? A successful family relationship need time to be invested.

Women delight that their partners, their husband remember the day of their anniversary, their birthday and every special occasions. Hugs, Kisses and saying “I love you” need not be reserved only on special occasions. It should be often. It should be daily.

For some, it will be corny. But believe me, doing it regularly is a seed that strengthen the bond, the love and relationship of both partners.

There is always a resistance at first. Yes, we will feel awkward at the start. But the more we do it, the more we love it. It does not become a routine, but it becomes a habit.

I remember when I was courting my ex-girlfriend (now my wife); there was not a day without sending her a simple text messages. “How are you?”, “Have you taken your lunch?” Take care…..

 Time Changes, we changes 

One time, it was a Valentine day; I was waiting for my queue to buy flowers for Jonna.

Before me was a man in bargain with the Saleslady.  The man said “how much is this bouquet of roses?” “Its 100 dirham sir” replied the Saleslady. “It’s very expensive” he said, “Give me the 20 dirham only” he added. The Saleslady suggested “Kabayan, kunin nyo na yung bouquet at sigurado sasagutin kayo ng nililigawan nyo” (take the bouquet and for sure, the lady you are courting will give her “YES” to you). The man just replied “No problem, she’s already my wife.

 I admit time changes.

There were times I forgot our anniversaries.

I am not the same guy who text her daily.

Decision to Change 

But we can still change the course if we decided to a different path and amend whatever shortcomings we have done.

When we realize that we are heading the wrong direction and it is hurting our relationship, we have to make an immediate and absolute stop and do the right things.

Whatever good thing you planted earlier should be nurtured and allow it to continue to grow.

Whatever bad things that we planted could be replaced with a sincere and genuine action where we can show how sorry we are for the damaged done in our relationship.

I decided to change. I commit to be more caring and responsible than I used to.

I make ways to remember and celebrate our special occasions. I’m investing ample and quality time with my family.

Handle with Care

A relationship is very fragile. Like glass, it is easy to throw it and let it be broken. But putting it back again to its old form will be really difficult.

A broken relationship heals but it takes time. There will always be scars left. 

The usual problem in restored relationship is the trust issues. People forgive the partners to restart anew but don’t expect that it will be a smooth transition.

It takes time before trust returns.

Relationship should be handled with care.

The seeds to grow in relationship 

A good farmer doesn’t just plant seeds.

He carefully chooses the right kind and variety of seeds he wants to grow.

He cleans and tills the land before planting it to the ground. He waits patiently till its first leaves sprouts. He watered it. He prunes it and protects it from animals and from human.

He’s happy to see its flower grows until that flowers falls and turn into fruits.

When we want to grow in relationship, like farmers we choose the right kind of seeds; our words, our actions, behaviors, attitudes, responses, and the emotions we are planting.

Farmers grow different seeds on a different soil. In relationship, we adapt and adjust depending on the situations. We should know well our partners and learn to mutually adjust to live together in harmony.

We wait patiently. We don’t insist as results don’t happen overtime. Especially for the new couple, there is always a period of knowing each other more.

We water it daily. We nurture our relationship with kind words, trust, understanding, love, cares and appreciations.

We prune it. Pruning is a painful process. There were times come when we commit mistakes and we do wrong. It’s hard to admit our mistakes. It’s difficult to ask forgiveness and it’s hard to forgive as well, but its part of the process.

Relationship is tested with trials and difficulties and its part of pruning.

But like plants, the more we prune the more it grows healthy.

The more it bears much fruits.

 We can make a difference today

Our relationship with others is the outcome of what we invested in them.

The little things we do today could make a great difference in the future.

Carefully choose the seeds and let it grow.

Nurture it with love daily, patiently.

It’s not yet over. We can still start anew

It’s what we will do right now that makes the difference.

May your happiness be full,






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