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Recognizing God in our Emmaus Experience
Luke 24:13-35
It was after three days when the two disciples were traveling back to Emmaus, seven miles from Jerusalem. On their way, they were debating and discussing what had happened in Jerusalem for the last few days about Jesus who was mighty in deed and words but crucified and then buried.
They were so downcast and depressed because their hope was lost. A hope that someone would deliver them from the Roman oppression.
Their faith was with Jesus Christ, their would-be Messiah, who was mighty in deed and word in the sight of God and the people.
Here was a story that all of us can relate to as we too experience what the two disciples experienced.
We may have undergone or going through an “Emmaus experience”.
Like the two servants, they had put all their hopes in Jesus believing that with Him, all their dreams for freedom shall be fulfilled at last by the Messiah they long waiting for.
We may have once put all our hopes in other people. With great optimism that this person will be our defender, our champion, our hero.. but in the end, they left us wounded, abandoned, abused, and broken.
We may have put our energy to work out our relationships but it never works…
We might exert all our dedication and hard work aiming for that promotion and position but our boss never appreciated what we’ve done.
We may have reached our rock bottom and hit us badly, let us downcasted, frustrated, hopeless, and undermine.
Emmaus the road of Retreat
 Emmaus is the road to our defeat and surrender.
It is where we pity and tell ourselves that we are losers.
It is when we want to return to our old life.
Emmaus is when we walk back to where we came from. It is the road to isolation; we separate ourselves from the rest.
This is the road where we slowly waver in our faith.
Emmaus is a journey
 All of us are not exempted from this part of the journey.
All of us have walked on the same road.
Like the experience of Cleopas and the others, we have journeyed the same path.
Because on the same road, it is where God finds us. It is where He meets us.
We may not look for God while we are on the road to Emmaus but it is God who finds us on this road to retreat.
Why? Because God is following us in our Emmaus journey not to condemn us but to encourage us.
Not to blame us but rather to uplift us. Not to let us fall astray but to guide us.
We may find it difficult to see the light on the road to Emmaus but God will surely open our eyes to see rays of light and shade of hope.
Emmaus is a walk to remember
Emmaus’s experience is not only about retreat but an encounter with God.
It is when at this moment we have the opportunity to experience Him who seeks us.
It’s an occasion to remember because at the moment that we were down, neglected, and abandoned, there was a God who never forsakes us.
There is always a God who permanently walks with us.
We are not alone. We are not forgotten.
Emmaus is not our destination 
We should remember that Emmaus is not our permanent destination.
God doesn’t intend us to be stranded in our Emmaus.
You might be enjoying your stay in your Emmaus right now but God will find a way to win you back.
Our destiny does not depend on people nor governed by events and circumstances. Our Destiny is with God
That is why Jesus commands the two disciples to go back to Jerusalem.
We are encouraged to go back to Jerusalem.
Jerusalem is where God had called us. It is where Jesus saves us.
Our Jerusalem is where Jesus is. It is where we belong with the people whom God called.

Recognizing God in our Emmaus journey

By His Presence
Verse 32 says” not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us in the road while He was explaining the Scriptures”
We recognize God by His presence. It is a presence that comforts us.
In His company, we find that we are important and He regards our value worthy as we perceived ourselves.
It is a presence that never condemns and rejects but rather welcomes and encourages.
By His Words 
In verse 27,” Then beginning with Moses and with all the prophets, He explained to them the things concerning Himself in all the scriptures.
We recognize God through His Words by revealing Himself to us.
He has the words that encourage us and give us hope.
Jesus is the Word that gives us life.
By the breaking of the Bread
In verses 30-31, God opened their eyes after the breaking of the bread and they recognized the presence of Jesus.
Whenever we are in our Emmaus, encounter God in the Holy Eucharist where we will experience His holy presence, speaks to us through the reading of the scriptures, and receive His real presence.
You might be walking back to your Emmaus but it is in the same Emmaus where God will meet you.
Listen to His Words speaking to you right now, feel the burning heat of His presence and meet Him in the Eucharist and allow God to open your eyes and hearts.
May you find God in your Emmaus,

We are in Good Hands


(Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit)

We are in Good Hand

Jesus heals a deformed hand

The Lord heals the hand of a man with a deformed hand on Sabbath day.

Do we have a normal hand that we don’t need healing from the Lord?

We may be having normal hands but believe me, in one or another, we need healing when we realize that we have our own hand abnormalities.

Spiritual Hands

Our hand might be normal. But what I want to focus not on its physical aspects.

Our hands gesture will speak out our unspoken words.

It could reveal our inner thoughts. Others could take a glimpse of our personality.

Our hands may show our spirituality.

Recognizing our Abnormalities

Do we have that hand problem?

Sometimes we are sick but we ignore our sickness that we just simply ignore them.

We live normally until such time it is too late to find a cure.

We have to understand the symptoms.

We are asked to visit our doctors regularly every six months or a year for a general check.

Let us examine ourselves how we do well by checking if we have any hand deformities. 

Hands of Isolation

With hands open raised toward the others we may say “Stop! I don’t need you so close”.

Off limits. Keep distance. Keep out.  “Leave me alone”.

A hand of isolation is a gesture where we don’t want to entertain others. A gesture that signals you want to be alone.

We don’t welcome others for a new relationship after a heart breaks. The pain is so much to bear that we close our doors for others. You don’t want to open up again.

You don’t want to listen. You don’t want to speak. You don’t want to see anybody. You don’t want to trust for now after somebody betrays your trust.

You want to shut up your window from the world and you feel pity for yourself.

Hand of isolation creates a wall to open up a new door for others who want to enter our life.

Hands of Selfishness

Sometimes we have this, when we pray, we only pray for ourselves or the people among our circles.

These are the hands who always ask but don’t’ know how to give.

A hands gesture that is so possessive and self-centered. A lot of marriage fails because the partner is so possessive that the others can’t breathe anymore. They don’t trust their partners and even others too.

Selfish hands are close hands. It opens only when it wanted to received but closes immediately afterwards.

I have learned that to catch a monkey in India, the native use a coconut. A whole coconut slightly opened with peanut inside.

The monkey will put his hand inside the hollow coconut  and let his fist grab the peanut. When his hand is inside the coconut, he is trapped. The hunter will pull the string attached to the end of coconut and capture the monkey. With its hand closed, holding the bait inside, he will not open it. That is why; it will run with its hand inside the coconut. The monkey cannot run far so the hunter catches them easily.

Hands of Judgment & Condemnation

These are hand that always pointing out to others.

“It is not my mistakes. It is his mistake”.

Remember the two people praying inside the temple? The publican was at the back knocking his chest and he could not even look up asking forgiveness for he was a sinner. And the Pharisees thanking God because he is better than the publicans.

How many times we judge others the way we look at them? Considering ourselves more oh highly regards in terms of our stature, that we have a better work, that we are more educated, that we have more influence that we are wealthier and others are less fortunate.

These are those who look into the color of other’s skin and regard highly of himself better than his neighbors.

When we point our finger to someone, remember three of our fingers are pointing on us and the thumb pointed upward.

Hands of Punishment & Pain

Hands gesture that cause pain physically. The victims usually are the battered wife, maltreated maids and servants, abused children, tortured detainees and prisoners….

These are hand that always inflict pain and hurt others not only physically but also emotionally.

Hurt emotions are difficult to heal rather than the wound inflicted by physical means.

These are people who hurt others by their careless words and actions. They don’t care if they hurt other feelings or not. People who are not sensitive to the feeling of others.

These are individuals who don’t know how to appreciate the effort and the importance of others.

Hands of Rejection

Hand gesture with thumbs down.

These are people who are difficult to please.

These are people who don’t appreciate and value the works of others. No matter what good you’ve done, for them it’s rejected.

These are people who put down the moral of others. They take away the hope from a person, who aspires to succeed.

These might be a group of people who exclude themselves from the rest. If you are not a part of it, you are not welcome.

These are people who don’t accept suggestions and listen from others advice considering that they know everything and that his ideas are better than others.

Hands of Failure and hopelessness

This is hands gesture with two hands open palm facing up with both shoulder raised up accompanied by a frustrated face.

These are people who accepted failure as their destiny.

For them, failures are walls too high for them to climb. It’s too high that they could not see any hope beyond those walls.

The need for healing

Remember what Jesus told to the Pharisees? “If you say that you see then you are blind, but if you tell that you’re blind then you see.

If we tell that everything is normal and we don’t need healing, the more we need our healer.

Accept that we are weak and frail.

Recognize that we have the tendencies to different hand abnormalities and we need healing for our deformed hands.

God knows that we need healing both physically and spiritually.

He desire to heal and deliver us from these abnormalities if we wanted to.

God desires that we possess a hands:

–          hands of belongings rather than hands of isolation

–          hands of generosity rather than hands of selfishness

–          hands of compassion rather than hands of judgment and condemnation

–          hands of forgiveness and mercy rather than hands of punishment and pain

–          hands of approval rather than hands of rejection

–          hands of triumph rather than hands of failure and hopelessness

–          hands of total surrender rather than hands of defeat

–          hands of prayer rather than hands of  a losers


We are in good hands with God.

Into the hands of a loving Father to a prodigal son.

Into the generous hands who multiply the fish and bread to feed thousands.

It’s the hands of forgiveness like Mary Magdalene on the brink of stoning to death because of adultery.

It’s the hands of compassion to sinners like Zacheus.

Into the healing hands that open the eyes of Barthemeus and the many man who were lamed, blinds, possessed deaf, mute, lepers and sicked.

Into the hands that give life who raised Lazarus from the dead.

It’s the hands of hope like the criminal Dimas who seized the heaven on his last moment.

Hands nailed on the cross open wide with arms stretch forth full of love.

A hands so open welcoming each one of us without any doubt of rejection. Without any fear of punishment. Hands full of mercy and compassion.

Into His loving hands alone we can commend our life.

Now tell me, to which hands you will entrust your life?

May you find peace as you entrust your life into His loving hands,

Mike Sendon