LET GO TO LIVE UP-Losing our life to find it

LET GO TO LIVE UP-Losing our life to find it

MARK 8:27-38Let Go to live up


It seems odd to think that it is only by losing that we could find something.

It seems intriguing to know that we can find life’s true value after we give it up.

It is unusual to tell that life meaning could be found only after giving it up.

The topic makes us curious as we go deep down to find that the essence of life could be better understand if we learn to LET IT GO TO LIVE UP.

The Message in Paradox 

In verse 35 of Mark:8, Jesus said that whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses it for my sake and the gospel’s will save it.

Jesus statement is a paradox. It is an illustrative statement of two contradicting, opposite, absurd statement yet it expresses a latent truth.

It might not be logical to the listeners but it points us to a truth that God want us to understand. God’s wisdom is different from human.

That is why we notice that in many of His statement He usually mentioned “those who have ears shall listen” and “verily, verily I say unto you…”

There is a message hidden in Jesus statement that could only be grasp if we have those ears willing to listens and a heart widely open to accept His words.

Two Contradictory truths 

The world teaches us that to save means to keep it up and preserve its value.

So people save his life by keeping up something that would benefit him. Human exert his effort to be able to control his surrounding that would sustain his life in his favor even if turns that he became selfish and self-centered.

The danger of man focusing his attention and energy to preserve his life is missing to understand that we cannot do anything.  After all of this, it will end in vain for what profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet losses his own soul.

The gospel of John says that without God, we can do nothing.

What Jesus teaching us is contradictory as what the world is teaching us.

We have learned in our lifetime that to be able to save our lives, we need to protect and keep it intact. In any means, we survive our life from any external threat. While here is an intriguing statement, we need to loss our life for God’s sake in able to save it.

He said that if we lose our life for God’s sake and of the gospel, we will find life.

The true meaning of life is when we hand over the control of our life into the hands of God.

We can truly discover the beauty that life’s bring when we let it go and let God shows us to see life in His perspective. The master designer knows best as He is the one who laid out the blue print of our life.


Our human thinking is so limited that our perception how to save ourselves might be enough, but we are wrong.

We should never preserve the temporary.

In one of the parable Jesus taught, the rich man said to himself “ I am rich, I have so much harvest that my storehouse are not enough. I will demolish it and build a bigger one”.

Preserving the temporary makes us foolish like the rich man in the parable. We concentrate on preserving what will not last. Keeping up things that can be stolen, rusted and destroyed by moths, washed out by floods, blown by the storms and can be burned by fire.

Don’t preserve the temporary because we deserve something that last. A life of eternity worthy to be longing for of which only in God we can find.

Focusing on saving the temporary losses our opportunity to experience a life that leads to eternity.


Today we are being offered with a lot of choices.

In fact, daily we are in the crossroads of choosing which one would be a better choice.

When you are in a buffet table and all the foods are enticing, it boils up your appetite. It makes your stomach roars.  There are times when you want to taste all of it but you can’t.

Like choosing a dress, my wife have that gift to meticulously cross-examine every piece, fit it out back and forth inside the dressing room, from one store to the other while I’m waiting patiently as her “consultant” and “fashion show audience”.

Why, because there is a lot of choices and we have to pick the best.

If this law works in the physical round, then it should also apply in the spiritual round. We should never settle for less.

That is why we should not so indulge on the temporary rather focus on something that last. Never so concentrated on the physical but also on the spiritual.

He wanted us to choose him. But God is a respecter of free will.


Jesus asked His disciples what people say about Him. And they replied that He was Elijah, some said he was John the Baptist and other said one of the prophets.

But Jesus asked them personally, who He was for them and Peter boldly said that He was the Messiah.

God wanted to hear what we know of Him. God wanted us to have that deep knowledge of Him not because this is what we heard from others but because this is our experience of Him

He is establishing an intimate relationship with us.

He wanted that we choose Him not because of fear but because of love.

Loving Him cause us to obey and follow Him but he gave us the condition that if we desire to follow Him, there should no more turning back like a man flowing his farm in the field.

Our decision to follow and obey God should be founded on truth and the relationship He established in us.


Narrow is the road that leads to path where God is. Many choose the wider road as these are more comfortable, less hassles. It’s a freeway where everybody is going.

The decision to choose God is a tough decision because we have to lose our life for God’s sake and in obedience to the gospel.

To follow God is to follow Him in the narrow road away from the trance where many love to walk.

To embrace God is to walk with Him on the road less travelled.

In verse 34 Jesus said to His disciples, “if you want to follow me, deny yourself; carry your cross and follow me.

To serve God and save our life is costly because we need to exchange all what we considered as valuable. What He demands is not just what is available but He wants all.

Are we willing to loss our life for the sake of the gospel? Then we have to continue reading this article.


Now that we assess the demand of following God and His gospel, our journey starts.

Like a man who build his house, he built it on the rock so that flood comes it will not be washed it away.


In verse 34 Jesus said to His disciples, “if you want to follow me, deny yourself; carry your cross and follow me.

If we are deciding to follow Him, we have to deny ourselves. We must be ready to disown and reject anything that makes us too proud and brag of who we are because of our position, our possessions, our gifts, our talents, our connections.

It is denying ourselves when we are elected in a public office and we to reject any outside influence or any opportunity we know that it could make us wealthy yet we choose to live a life of integrity because we know that it is not our money but it’s the money of the people we serving. That it’s not your money but by the owner of the company. That it’s not yours but by the ministry you serve.

Is it not renouncing to oneself when Zacheo the chief tax collector went down the sycamore tree and be convicted to return more than twice of his wealth to anyone whom he defrauded?

Are you willing to hear from your friend that your fool if they tell you “sayang naman, palay na ang lumalapit sa manok”. Anyway your spouse is not here and nobody could see. Is it not renouncing yourself when you have the opportunity like Joseph rejected the offer of Potiphar’s wife to have slept with her?


Is it not denial when you lower than your ego and pride because you forgive the person who rejects you. Those persons who talked about you.  Is it not denying when David have the opportunity to get even to King Saul when he had that chance to kill him?

A follower is no greater than his master. Jesus denied himself and accepted the will of His Father even into the cross.

How much more of us are willing to follow Him?


Carrying the cross is the consequence when we deny ourselves.

When we decided to renounce what is due to us it becomes our burden, it becomes our cross.

There is always sacrifice when you choose to forgive. You deny yourselves when you lower your pride just to be reconciled with your love ones. You carry your cross when you sacrifice to accept him even the past continue to lingers in your mind. The wound is still there but you sacrifice because you choose to love.

You carry your cross when your life is not that plenty because you reject the opportunity to open the box. It hurts to see sometimes your children don’t have that much luxury even if you have that chance by using your position and connection to corrupt other people’s money.

You carry your cross when you send that “balikbayan” box to your family even it takes you months to filled it and patiently waiting for “Sales”. You sacrifice so that other might live.

Is it not carrying your cross when you take care other children miles away from your own just only to make sure that they live, they experience a life you have not experience before and that they may pursue their dreams.

It’s a sacrifice to follow Jesus when you take his burden as our burden. When we chooses to serve God by serving His people without waiting for neither reward nor consolation.


We can only truly follow Jesus when we deny ourselves; we carry that cross and yet continue to follow even that cross is still on our shoulder.

We cannot follow when we carry our cross yet we have too much complaint. It does just make the cross heavier.

We follow Him with the awareness that there might be inconvenience; we may not be having that luxury yet we still continue to walk with God.

Even that past continue to haunt your relationship, you continue to move forward because you chooses to forgive, you chooses to love.

The path might not be the road many travelled but this is the road that many missed. It’s the road to eternity because where God is leading us, He will surely bless us.


In verse 37 for what will a man give in exchange of his soul?

Are we willing to give up earthly things to receive the heavenly things?

Are we willing to deny everything that are fleeting and temporary for the sake of eternity?

Unless we learn to let go of ourselves we will not to live up what God has in store for us.

For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and forfeit his soul.

May you have the courage to let go.




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