BE STILL IN YOUR STORMS-Series 5 (Life continues after every storm)


(Life continues after storms)

MARK 4:35 -41Be Still in your storms 5

 In this last series, we need to understand that there is always an end to any storms that come in our life.

Storms are just seasons that come and go.

No matter what we have been through, life never ends as life continues after every storm.


After every storm, everything’s back to normal.

Because our storms are just temporary.

Every problem and tribulation, they don’t last long. There is always an end because they are just temporary.

No matter how strong and how long we’ve been on the storms when it ends life goes on.


After we survive the storm, we have to move on and grab every piece left.

We may lose our house, our jobs our loved ones, our cars but we have to continue with our journey.

God promises to save us but not our boat. We may lose our boat but His promise is to keep us safe. We may reach our destination without the boat, but He makes sure that we reach the shore.

In our life, we have what we called temporary blessings. Never regrets the temporary ones because it means to last, they will not be taken from us.

Never grieve about the broken boat. Never grieve about your lost relationship because we don’t need to complete everything before we reach our shore.

God will take us to where we are in another form. We don’t know how we don’t know when but for sure God will take us there.


We cannot waste our life grieving what was lost.

We cannot blame God for what was taken from us, because if anything that won’t stay means it does not mean to last.

The storms are not meant to weaken you but to strengthen you.

The energy we lose grieving the boat is far more draining than the energy we gain after we survive the storm.

We may be devastated but we will never be destroyed because the promise is not about our ship. The promise is to keep you safe.

Don’t grieve about your strayed boyfriend because your destiny is not dependent on him.

Don’t lament about your lost job because you are gifted to find a new one.

Never sadden by your sickness because we can only truly experience that He is our Healer when we are in pain.

Life goes on as our destiny is in God.


We may survive the heavy fierce storms but we may be caught unguarded in our times where everything is so smooth, so calm and it running fine.

We became complacent and relaxed.

 When we are in the midst of our storm, we are strong and we move forward.

We are aggressive and brave but at the end of life struggles, we have that tendency to collapse.

At the time when everything seems good, we are more vulnerable.

We find ourselves unguarded when the wind blew gently than when we are in the roaring wind.

Remember the story of the Supermonkey and the mighty wind in Series 1. 

We are sailing with Jesus, through the stormy water, He will ease our fear. The Lord is our anchor and we will not be blown by the wind.

May you find life after your every storm,



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