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Rejoice in Our Storms



 dont worry

How we can rejoice when our boat is filling up with water and we are afraid that it is about to sink?

How we can say “I am glad” when we are in a situation that things are beyond our control? When everything seems to be loose.

It seems odd to tell that we should be rejoicing in all times.

But how can we be rejoicing when our finances is shaking us down? When sickness lingered around? When our relationship is in the brim of separation?

Can we really be joyful in all our circumstances?


It is difficult and not easy to be happy when we are in the midst of so many troubles but we have to make a choice.

To be happy or to be sad is our choice.

To be grouchy or be happy.

We can choose to be sad when our love ones left us.

We can decide to be misery when all our troubles are hard to bear.

We can choose to be a loser when we were overcomed by our situations.

But St. Paul admonishes us that we have to be joyful always in all our circumstances.

If we have given that choice, we choose to be happy rather than to be misery.

Why? Because Jesus said that being worried would not add any single hour in life. (Mt. 6:27)

Here are four things how we can have that joyful attitude even when are in the midst of any storms.




Do not be worried about your life as to what you will eat or what you will drink nor for your body what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?- Mt. 6:25

 The common worry for so many of us is food. What we will eat? What we will drink?

It is good to understand that all our worries are learned. We learned it from our parents and from our peers.

We were not born to be worry. Have you remember that you were worrying when you were born? No babies were born thinking how he will survive nor who will take care of him.

Since all worries were learned, we can unlearned all our worries.

Never so worried about things that are beyond your control. Because the moment that we worry about things beyond our ability to control, it makes us more anxious.

Why worry if you cannot control it.

Worry is the darkroom where all negative develops.

Worry bring fear and fear brings your worry into reality. It brings us more stress.

When we worry about anything, ask ourselves “ what will truly makes us happy?”

Our life is in the hand of God.

Why we have to worry when God is in our boat?

He might be sleeping in the stern of our boat but it does not mean that He loss is control on the boat.

Never so worried about our circumstances that we loss the sight of God’s promise.

Never so focus on our situations that we fail to see God’s inspiration.


Don’t be worry because our life is more than the things that make us worry.

Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap, nor gather into  tha barns and yet your heavenly father feeds them. Are you not much more than them?- Mt 6:26

God knows what we need.

He knows what we are been into. He sees our situations.

All of us are so important I His eyes because we are worth more than the birds that flies in the sky.

We need to be continually and consistently abide in His unfailing Words. Like a branch connected to the vine, we have to be always connected with God.

Not only the blessings flow but the joy that comes from Him flows as well.


In everything, we have to consider first our God and our worries will pass.

Instead of worrying, seek first for God who is always our help close at hand.

Seek ye first His kingdom and all the things we need shall be added unto us.

Look for His promise in the midst of all adversities.

What God wanted us to learn is to entrust things in to His cares. Because the things we cannot do, God can do.

Trust that God’s help and guidance is enough to solve our problems and worries.

Don’t worry about everything, trust God in everything.


May God sustain you with joy even in the midst of storm,












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