Have we realized that somehow in our life, we are stuck and remain on our situation, figuring out what we need to do to get out of our mess, to escape from our troubles and move on our miserable situations?

It seems odd that every time we fail, we blame that failure to others.

We cannot even recognize that we are part and parcel of the misery we are in.

This is common to all man, it is hard to admit our own mistakes and  be accountable why we suffer.

But here is another encounter of a man like us, who suffered from a long time paralysis, who was sick, who blame to others his inability to receive healing.

Jesus will once again enlighten us that He is not only a miracle worker but He is the house of Mercy, a mercy that flows freely for all.



In the reading of John 5:1-9,  a paralyzed man for 38 years were sitting by the pool in the sheep gate and called as Bethesda, Jesus seen and approached him.

The place was called as Bethesda which means House of Mercy. It has five porches in which in some porticoes lay those who were sick, lame and withered. They were waiting for the well to be stirred as they believe that an angel of the Lord for a season comes down and stirred the water.

Whoever stepped down first into the pool will be healed after the pool was stirred.

And here was one man, Jesus spotted and approached him and asked if he wanted to get well. The man replied and started to tell his miserable story to Jesus why he was not been able to get well.



In the olden times, this porches or porticoes was a place for commerce, health, wealth and economy.

Some porches were for the healthy and some were for sickly.

What get worse is when we are in the sickly porch yet we see other are well of on the other porches.

Even today, we have so many porticoes and which portico we are in?

Our community has different porches, porches for the poor and porches for the wealthy. Porch for each race, a porch for each nationality.

It is sad to say that even in our churches, there are also some different portico, a porch for every religious community or group or denominations.



Most of us who went to the church may be having the same problem.

We may be lame, crippled, sick, blind. But when we talk about this, it is not only about physical infirmities but we may be sick emotionally, financially, in our relationship or spiritually.

All of us are having that desire that may we have an exceptional encounter with God.

Our church is our Bethesda, we come to His house of mercy because in our own we know that we have limitations, we are weak.

Like this man, we wait for the pool to be stirred and receive healing, to obtain favor and answer to our prayers.

But the good thing is that, we don’t wait for an angel to touch the water. We are waiting for the Living water to stir and satisfy our life.

Before, they believed that an angel might come and turn the water in season but now we have that privilege to experience God’s presence every time in the Holy Eucharist, in our prayer and in our worship. He comes with assurance that His presence will always be with us.

In this year of Mercy, let us experience that His mercy is always available for those who desire to touch the heart of God.



In Fr. Lenny Connuly’s message, mercy is going inside the chaos of others.

Jesus always comes to us in the midst of our trouble to bring order and peace.

He comes to our sickness to bring us health and well-being.

He came down for our sin and sacrifices himself for our salvation.

There are so many people of today who are not willing to enter the chaos of others. Unless we put our feet on the shoes of others, that’s only the time that we can feel their agony, their sacrifice, their ordeals.

Mercy is willingness to feel the ordeals of other and brings comfort and change in their life.

Jesus is the house of mercy where he put himself to the ordeals of others.



Jesus has an eye of mercy. He can easily spot and see people who are in struggle.

His eyes is wide for those who are in trouble and willing to bring change and comfort in their lives.

Let our eyes be an eyes like Jesus that see no evil in the life of others but rather compassion.

If their life is a life of sin, may they be no condemnation because that is how Jesus sees us. He understand our weakness, he knows our flaws.

Instead of condemnation, his mercy prevails.

His mercy turn the heart of people to come back to him.

No words of judgment but rather words of encouragement and liberation.

Remember the woman caught in adultery, Zacheo the publican and tax collector.

No act of discrimination but he was willing to dine and be part in their life.



Are we willing to carry the weight and burden of those who suffer.

This is the character of Jesus.

This is what we should learn from our Master. He carried the cross that supposed to be carried by us.



God comes to our aid.

But God could freely help us unless we are willing to be helped by God.

We need to admit that we are sick. We need to accept that we are in trouble and our limitations are far more that the ability of God to help and deliver us.

Unless we bow down and humble ourselves, only that time that we can truly experience His abundant grace.

Let the mercy of God be upon us always.


May your happiness be full,




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