Build Something God Could Bless




Are we building something that God could bless?

Or have we created a mess that we want God to condone us and expect to be blessed.

Sometimes we are building different things. And it is easy to destroy than to build.

How we could be blessed if we are not building something that God could bless.

Something that pleases and moves God.

Most of us desire to be blessed just like what God did to Noah’s family.

The saving of Noah’s family from the great destruction did not just happen because God wanted it, but Noah found favor in God.

He walked and worked by faith.

Are we Noah of the modern age?

Let us dig dip into the life of Noah because by learning about his life, we could also imitate his faith that it counts him as righteousness.


Because Noah was blessed, we could experience the same blessing if we imitate him.

Successes always leave tracks.

The desire to be successful could be attained if we imitate the pattern and behavior of successful people.

We could experience the same blessings if we follow and do what the blessed people do.


The just shall live by faith.

We are in a world where wickedness becomes a norm; we are surrounded by ideas, ideologies, and principles that daily contradict and destroy our faith in God.

We face a lot of tough challenges that if we will not stand our ground, our faith and core beliefs could be easily affected and maneuvered by these changing times.

This is not new anymore.

In the times of Noah, the Lord saw the wickedness of man was great. He felt sorry that He created them and there was grieved in His heart. Genesis 6:5-6

But among God’s creation at that time, it was only Noah that found favor in the eyes of the Lord. He was blameless and a righteous man as Noah walked with God.

How is our faith?

Is our faith anchored down deep that we remain blameless and righteous despite the turbulent times of this world?

Noah walked with God.

For us not to be affected and conformed to the pattern of this world, our faith should be like a seed that grows and is deep-rooted in the depth of our spirit.

So how is our faith?

Enoch lived and walked with God so that he never experience death.

Even God was disappointed with His creation, but because of His mercy, compassion, and justice, He cannot wipe out men because there was one man who lived in righteousness.


This world is always fascinated with something cute.

Isn’t it that we are fascinated with a dog that looks so cute?

But do you think, God will be pleased and fascinated with our small faith because it doesn’t grow?

Although God requires that we should have faith like a mustard seed but it doesn’t stop there, as our faith must grow overtimes.

Because even a mustard seed grows as big as a tree.

Is our faith rooted and grounded?

As the trees flourish and grow up, deep below its roots sprouts and anchor down.

A tree that only grows tall with unhealthy roots, expect that any storms can make it fall.

Are we building our faith so that it could remain strong and growing?

Man builds his muscles in the gym by constant work-out and exercise, are we also working out our faith?

Because if we will not exercise our faith, don’t expect that it will be strong enough to stand in the tough and terrible times.

Faith should be exercised and the more we stretch it, the more it becomes resilient.

God has given everyone the same measure of seed, the same muscles, the same faith but it depends on how we exercise and build it.

Noah walked by faith and it does not mean that walking with faith excuses him from the sweat and law of life.

For how many years, he was ridiculed. He was mocked, people laugh at him and still, Noah walked by faith.

How is our faith?


By faith Noah, being warned by God about things not yet seen, in reverence prepared an ark for the salvation of his household. -Hebrew 11:7

Noah took it seriously what was said to him by God.

It is the first time that faith and fear come along.

He had faith yet he was moved with fear. It’s a fear with reverence and respect and obedience believing that what was instructed to him was true.

Being moved with fear, Noah builds the ark to save his house.

His faith became an antenna that connects with God.

If we have faith, there will no ‘dead spot’ because we will always be connected.

Our communication link is always open so that we can easily download any updates from God.

And because we have that open access to God, He can freely warn us of any unforeseen happening that might harm us.

The Pharaoh during the time of Joseph was warned by God of the coming seven years of prosperity and seven years of famine.

Noah and Joseph’s faith gave them the intelligence to know and understand what God wanted them to do.


Are you a fool? Or are willing to be a fool for a while?

As Paul said, “I am a fool for Christ!” Whose fool are you?

If you have faith, you will always look like a fool for a while.

A man with real faith will always look a fool in the eyes of many.

Noah was mistaken to be a fool when all the people saw him building an ark while the sun was so bright and there were no signs of rain.

But because he was warned by God he moved with fear and did what God exactly wanted him to do.

A man with faith sees things while others don’t.

You look a fool for a while because you can see what God wants you to see while others cannot grasp what you are seeing.

Because they don’t understand what you are doing, they presumed that you are insane.

When you do exactly God’s instruction and rule, others may presume that you are a fool.

While you look like insane, God sees you as saint.

“Maaaring sa paningin ng iba ikaw ay hangal ngunit ang tingin ng Diyos sayo ay banal


So many times that we use all our efforts on our past instead of focusing on our future.

Don’t exert our efforts in the past because the past is past and the past is already history.

Our past could be a mess but our future could be amazing.

You cannot fix what has happened in the past but you can build something good for the future in the grace of God.

Our future could only be lived by what we build.

Are we asking God too much that aside from asking him what will happen next, we also ask Him to build the ark for us?

God warned us what will happen next but we must build our own ark.

Sometimes we equate our laziness with faith, so we procrastinate.

He has given us much time to build our own boat.

Yes God has given you the talent to sing, but you need to hone and practice your skill.

How do we expect to build a good and lasting relationship with your family when we are not investing our time to build it.

You dream to retire young and rich but are you building now your wealth?

Build something today that God can bless something for you in the future.

Do what you really need to do because, in the first place, God gives us the wisdom and instruction to do exactly what He wanted.

Noah was not only warned but also instructed by God on the exact dimensions and materials of how to build the ark.

We can find as well that instruction on how to build our own by the wisdom we can find in His Words.


Our actions trigger God could do what’s next.

In Psalm 1 says that blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of ungodly nor sit in the seat of the scoffers! But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night. He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruits in season and its leaf does not wither; and in WHATEVER HE DOES, HE PROSPERS.

Noah did the building, God did the blessings.

Noah was already 600 years old before he entered the ark.

Joseph had seven years of prosperity before the famine came.

God has given us much time to prepare and build our ark. We have more time to prepare our storehouse so that God could fill it.

Are we using this time to prepare for building something God could bless?

Are we preparing the storehouse while we are waiting for the harvest?

Are we building the ark before the rain comes?

Do we start saving some seeds that we could use in our retirement?

Anything that we put forward appreciates. Money was thrown forward through stocks, investments, real estate, mutual funds,s, and business increases.

Start saving while it’s not yet raining.

God is blessing us right now and He is continuously giving you enough strength, and resources to build.


Don’t wait for the rain to pour because it’s already late.

Don’t consider your today as you final destination because at the time that God closes the ark, that ends His invitation.

God has given us time to build our bridge and traverse the road towards the ark prepared by God for all of us.

He never wavers in inviting us to come and He let the door open for all of us.

We have to build not only for our earthly desires but most important is to build for something that cannot be corrupted nor destroyed by moth, fire, and rust.

We have to build our spiritual relationship with God while He continues to open the door of His ark.

We have to work and walk in faith like Noah because it will count to us as righteousness.

Our present is only temporary; much more we aspire to a life that leads to eternity.

Our present is temporary but built something for eternity.

Don’t preserve the temporary, build for something that last for eternity.

Today let us walk forward to the door of the ark, let us step towards His grace.

May we build a life that God’s worthy to bless.



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