Genesis 37:7


Do you know your mission?

Because all of us do have and we are on that journey to accomplish our own mission; to reach our own destination.

If I am here and I have to go there, the steps in between are a journey.

A journey is a series of steps, it’s a series of stages.

We long to be at our destination but are we ready to bear the consequence of accomplishing that mission?

Because the journey from where we are now up to the fulfillment of that mission is a series of stages…it is a process.

We long to be at our destination but we don’t want the process.

We will only realize and appreciate the mission until we passed the process.

The frustration is in the process because when God has a plan for you, He will maneuver you.

He will shift the direction of our sail till we accomplish His will and His plan for us be fulfilled.


I love the movie Mission Impossible because it reminds me of one thing to accomplish is tough and challenging.

Most of us fail to accomplish our mission because we abort it immediately when the going is tough and when its complexity is overwhelming.

To quit is the best and easy option.

Reaching the desired destination could be quite challenging but are we that tough enough to face those challenges.

Here is another story of a man who accomplished his mission despite the many hurdles he faced.

He was in his rock bottom but who would tell that despite of his condition he had able to rise up amidst all his adversities and be on the highest position on the land of Egypt.


Let us learn from a man who accomplished it.

Let us learn from Joseph.

In the story of Gen 37: 7, Joseph shared his dreams with his brothers but the more his brothers hated him.

Joseph dreamt that they are sheaving on the field but his sheaf rose erect while the sheaf of his eleven brothers gather around Joseph and bow down.

His brothers were angry because they thought that Joseph will reign or rule over them.

God in Joseph’s dreams was revealing his future mission and position.

But in Joseph’s immaturity, he brags about his position without understanding yet his mission.

His brothers, in the same way, were immature to understand that they envy the position not understanding the importance of a coming mission of their brother.

Likewise, is it more people tend to boast about their position, and is it we usually envy those people that are in a position undermining the mission they have to accomplish?

And because we don’t understand and know the mission set by God to them, instead to put him in a position to accomplish his mission, we tend to hate and pull him down.

Instead of raising him up, we throw them down to a pit.

We try to die down the mission that was planted in him.

I wonder why sometimes people deal and treat you fine when you met on the same level on the staircase, but when the moment you step up they try to pull you down.


In time we cannot grasp the mission that was laid before us.

That is the reason we chase and desire the position rather than the mission.

Little do we know that it is the position that brings us to accomplish the mission.

A position without a mission is confusing.

A position without a mission brings strife.

It leads to pride and disorder.

A position without a mission brings chaos to people that follow him suffering.

The position will follow to accomplish our mission.


A resounding question is what is our mission?

Why are you serving in the community, in the ministry, or in the church? For what?

What made you decide to be married?

A position without a mission brings misery.

Once we understand our mission, don’t worry about the position as God will catapult us to achieve what was planted in us.

A mission-driven person finds his way up despite all the hurdles and pulling that he encounters along the way.

A mission-driven person finds his mission possible.


What is our big why?

What motivates us to achieve the mission impossible?

In our prayer, how many of us ask God to give us a position instead of asking him for the clarity of our mission.

We pray more for prosperity, for a salary increase, we pray for more power, we pray for change in position but do we pray for our mission?

Until we become a man that is mission-driven, the opportunity and resources are being locked up.

Do we need more money or more missions?

But how do we set our priority if we focus only on the material gains rather than the social and spiritual fruits it brings if we truly accomplish the mission.

The money, the power, and the connection shall not dispel you to undertake the mission but rather sling you nearer to the fulfillment of your goal.

We should not allow our immaturity to mismanage our opportunity.



 But is it not that the dreams are always opposite as it is for a while?

It does not mean that because you dreamt of it, its manifestation is apparent.

Not because you dreamt of it happening exactly and immediately the way you expect it.

The moment God revealed to you your mission, the maneuvering starts.

There is a sudden shift to happen in your life as what you ought to experience is opposite to what is expected.

Is it not odd that we take a glimpse of our dream but it’s not what we imagined?

In the maneuvering process, we cannot understand why He allows all of these painful events to happen.

In a dream, Joseph saw himself up but tended to be at the bottom. He saw his brothers down but now he was looking up to them.

God may give us a dream that we are there but how to be there is a mystery.

Joseph dreamt that he was in power but he was overpowered by his kin.

He aspires to be in a position but he faced a lot of opposition; he dreamt that he was free but locked up in prison; He looks for appreciation but even his father misunderstood him; He aspires to be well but he ended up in a cell; he aspires to be rich but he was sold for twenty pieces of silver.

Is it not strange that sometimes we can interpret the dream of others but we cannot interpret our own.


The maneuvering of Joseph’s fate started in the pit.

All the maneuvering of God in our life is a staging area preparing us to manage whatever circumstances we are into.

He had taught Joseph to stand on his own feet, from how to handle when he was at the bottom of a pit up to dealing in front of the Pharaoh’s seat.

Joseph has no master’s or doctorate degree in how to be a good manager, but his experience with how God maneuvered his life taught him a great lesson on how to manage and be in a position everyone in Egypt was envious of.

When we are being maneuvered, we learn to praise God while we are in the pit; it’s easy to praise Him before his feet.

No amount of pain and stress can hinder a man who know how to praise God even if he’s inside the pit.

Be a pit praiser.

Sometimes we need to start from the bottom to reach the top.

Because we can truly appreciate and define success when we find our way up in spite of the insurmountable obstacles we faced.

Not the numbers of pit can cover you from going up because the mission planted in you is burning up.

Learn the lesson inside the pit, learn the lesson in the cell because everything will go well and your destiny will tell.


A great lesson sometimes cannot be learned from school.

God allows us to be maneuvered to learn the different skill sets we needed to excel.

But the lesson learned the hard way sticks and remains.

Because God has a mission for Joseph, he prepared him for the palace.

Management is not about managing and supervising people alone.

All of us like Joseph are prepared to manage not only people but also ourselves.

We need to learn how to manage our anger, our emotions, our temper, our decisions and actions, our relationship,  our finances, and every area of our life.

The molding of our character is more important, and the process of molding is not easy.

But molding is a process, it’s a step to bring out in our character to be a good managers.


Every stage in our life is a key to entering into another dimension.

The revelation of Joseph’s dreams to his brothers is the door to the pit.

The pit is the door to the Potiphar’s house; which is also the door to the prison cell.

The prison cell is the door to the butler and the butler is the door to the palace.

The palace is the door to the grooming and hatching of a great chosen nation of God.

What you are into right now is just a door, a staging area of something great that is about to happen

God uses the butler as a key to the palace.

Sometimes we look for special people and important, big connections, “padreno”, people in a position to open the gate for us that we neglect people in our circle.

We treat them as normal and ordinary thinking about what good they may do to us.

But sometimes the key to opportunity is in them. Sometimes the very solution to our problem is with them but we neglect them because they are not special.

How many doors of opportunity have been shut up because we never pay attention or listen to people that are like us or lower than us?

Never be irritated with the door we are at right now because that door is the entrance that leads to the other.

You may not know which door you are right now, but God is maneuvering you to enter the right door to your mission, the right door of opportunity, the right door to your success; the right door to your contentment.

We may be entering a narrow door, but it might not comfortable. But Jesus is the door that leads to your opportunity, to your prosperity, to your spirituality but most of all to life in eternity.


His brothers have taken his coat but not his call.

People might take your commission but not your mission.

Our mission shall always be greater than our desires for a commission.

When Joseph revealed himself to his brothers, he said

 “ God sent me before you to preserve a remnant in the earth and to keep you alive by a great deliverance. Now therefore it was not you who sent me here but God; and He has made a father to Pharaoh and lord of all his households and ruler all over the land of Egypt”-Gen 45:7-8

Joseph acknowledges that it was maneuvering of God that catapult him to where he was for a greater mission that was only fully realized and understood.

Our mission is to save people’s lives not only from physical hunger and poverty but people’s spiritual poverty and hunger for God’s love and attention.

This is not about us, It is about Him who has a greater purpose for mankind.

We thought that success is for us but God is using us only as an instrument for His mission.

Our mission is a shared mission with God not for ourselves but for those whom He loved and we loved.

God will set us up to a position in the accomplishment of His mission.

God have given us dreams, the steps might be blurry and dim but when we overcome and win; who will will stop us from praising Him.

May God catapult you to the fulfillment of your mission




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