Sometimes life nailed us.

There are events, circumstances, and people who hold us helpless.

With no one to turn to, our only last hope is God.


It was trending recently when a passenger doctor was dragged forcibly out of the plane of a reputed airline company.

Is it a life mockery that you entered the plane as a descent doctor and leave the plane as a patient?

Sometimes we are good doctors but we cannot heal ourselves?

That we are good marriage counselors, yet we have inner struggles in our relationship?

Is it not we are frozen when we teach others but we find it difficult to teach our children…

That we excel in academics but we are poor in love…

We are respected servants of God but struggle to get respect from our peers.

Sometimes life nailed us. Sometimes life is a mockery…

And this is the same experience Christ had when people asked Him to help Himself because He helped a lot of people.

He had done a lot of miracles and still, people were waiting for more…

He wanted to save many but He cannot able to get that respect from His neighbor.

Because what they saw was His being ordinary, a common man, a son of a carpenter.

Sometimes people treat us based on our seeds but not on our fruits.


We cannot judge the seed by its appearance for now.

Because if we understand what it would become, we can tell what it could be.

I am hesitant toward people who only want my fruits but they are not there when I’m on the struggle to sprout my root.

Be cautious with men who are only after the fruits but nowhere to be found when you were once a seed establishing a root.


Christ was nailed for a reason.

He was nailed by the disciples who betrayed Him.

He was nailed by His own people.

Our life can relate to Him because, in one way to another, we were nailed by our experiences and people who do not understand us.

If after all the good works, good intentions, and good service you provided, you are misunderstood and unappreciated; do not be discouraged for you are not alone.

If you look at people, you will be disappointed.

When you look at events, you will be discouraged.

When you look at your surroundings, you will be dismayed.

But focus on Jesus, the One nailed on the cross and you will be uplifted, encouraged, and delighted.

May His grace abound in you.



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