John 21:6

Cast Your Net

He said, “Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some”. When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish.- John 21:6

Have we ever experienced moments where we thought life have given up on us?

That doors were slammed on our faces wondering why?

And I find it surprising that after all of our efforts and energy trying to get results, we end up in vain and yet just on the opposite spot; this is where we can find the same results we are expecting.

Is it just a coincidence or a divine intervention is at work?

Whether we like it or not, without any option left; we need to learn how to cast our net to the other side.

Let us dig deep and understand how it works because the disciple’s experience may relate somehow to our own story.

What Shall We Do Now

 Here was a situation where after the disciple’s tragic experience of being with the Lord, they were still not totally recovered and were still puzzled about the past events that happened to the Lord.

For now, the disciples were on their own after years of being with Jesus. Their ministry was under lookout, no more preaching, no more teachings, miracles ceased, those who followed Jesus were hiding and some returned back to their normal life wondering what happened.

They may think that their faith in Jesus made a mess in their lives because they were identified with Jesus and now they were on the watch list.

Their movement became limited.

Their hope was slowing down. The Messiah they expected had died and missing but appeared to them while they were hiding in a closed room. Pilate was still in his seat, the Pharisees were still enjoying their lives after their presumed victory.

They may be asking themselves “What shall we do now?”

Even in our lives, under painful events and tragic experiences; we have the same question “What shall we do now?

“My spouse left me, what shall I do now?”

“My finances are on the downhill, what shall I do now?”

“My blood pressure is not getting normal, what shall I do now?”

“My relationship is not getting better.”

“My company may close any time.”

“My children’s behavior is not what I expected.”

“I cannot afford to keep my family here in Dubai anymore, what shall I do now?”


With this in our mind, we console ourselves and return back to our comfort zone.

To where we fit and are accepted. To where we are best. To a life of mediocrity.

This may be the same question Peter and the other disciples were asking.

Peter demonstrated this scenario like all of us, so he returned where he came from.



For some people, fishing is a hobby and to be one with nature. It’s good for deep thinkers.

But for Peter, he returned to what he loved and was familiar with, fishing!

Catching fish was his expertise. He knows the sea, and the timing and this made him successful.

“You don’t know what to do now? I’m going fishing.”

There was no doubt that even his fellow disciples when he asked them to go fishing, all followed him.

When our expectation fails us, aren’t many of us settling for less?

Because we don’t want to be hurt and to fail anymore.

We grab our old boats, we use the old nets, we hang with old friends, and we do the old things.

We return back where we fit, where we used to be.

When we return back to where we fit, we cannot fit there anymore.

Caterpillar cannot go back to where it came.

Chicken cannot go back to its shells again.

Because when we left everything to serve God, there should be no turning back.

This is what we need to know, sometimes God closes more doors than He opens.

He shuts more access so that we could get to the right door that leads us where to go. To our destiny where He wanted us to be.


Peter might say to them, “You don’t know what to do?  Ok, come with me because I am good at this. I know this is going to work”

But what you will do if the things you know really work don’t work?

God shuts doors in our face we can’t go back to where we came from.

Being a Christian, there is no turning back because the mold that we usually fit in will not fit us anymore.

“I know this man, this is where I was good at.”

So they cast the net but it took time, some more time, and more time.

But seems the fishes were sleeping or on a holiday somewhere on that night because none of them is touching the net.

Peter at this time might be feeling red already and in excuse might say “By this time there should be fish already”.


 So they waited for some more time but there were no fish.

Peter at this time might be feeling red already and in excuse might say “By this time there should be fish already”.

How many of us expecting something and until now waiting for it to come?

“By this time, I should be with my family already in the Philippines but I’m not yet ready to retire”.

Then you pull the net up, “Surely by now I should have already a husband…”

Pulling it up once again, “Surely bow now I should have already children”

Surely by now, I should have already gone home for good.

But the Bible says they had CAUGHT NOTHING.

Peter doesn’t know that on that night, God shut the door for him.

No matter how good and intelligent we are, how gorgeous and beautiful you are when He shuts the door, we can do nothing.

God puts us in a position to realize that without Him we can’t do anything.

God will humble us.

He will give us success, not from the success offered by this world.


We must be aware of any abnormal failures.

We should always suspect unusual failures because it means that there is something spiritual going on.

An uncommon letdown means God is talking to you somewhere.

You can call for help from anybody but when He slams the door, no one can help you.

It’s about daybreak and from the shore, someone yells at them and asked ‘Children, have you caught any fish?” and they said “No!

This is not a question of insult but it’s time to inspect ourselves. Ask the question why and what happened.

Evaluate what is in our boat.


 We need to admit that nothing is working.

Our skills are of no use until we humble ourselves.

And when they admit that they can do nothing, Jesus said to them “cast your net on the right side.”

Take note that it’s the same boat, the same net, it’s on the same lake, only a change of sides.

The blessing comes not because of a new net or a more sturdy boat or a new lake but the difference lies in the obedience to a Word of Direction.

Because when God speaks in our life, He gives us Words of direction.

Therefore the problem is not on our skills or our technique but on our obedience.

I would rather have words of guidance than a bunch of inheritance. Even if I have that much without direction, I can lose it all.

May you have His Words of Direction



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