Matthew 6:25-37


Is it not that our life could be more peaceful, successful, and purposeful if our mind is not full of clutter, rubbish, and negative thoughts?

Because the one thing that should be important in our life, the unique gift we received that should be helping us to be different, to be unique, be fruitful, to be good, to be great, and be successful is sometimes the same thing that is KILLING US.

This is a powerful life-changing message that will enlighten us on how powerful and gifted we are among other God’s creatures.

Today I want to share with you that all of us possess and are endowed with such a powerful gift that no other creature has, IT’S THE POWER TO THINK.

The subject is so powerful that can change our life if we will only understand the power of having A POSITIVE MIND.


God has given all its creatures distinctive characteristics, features that make them distinct from the other creatures.

The Creator has given them certain qualities they need to multiply, live, and survive.

Have we not been amazed at how fast the Cheetah runs? The fastest animal that can run at a speed of 110-120 kph has this nature to help them hunt their prey and escape their predators as well.

When you see massive elephants, they are so huge that you cannot put them in your refrigerator. Gifted with intelligence and strength makes them different as well.

When you look at a lion, they are more mighty than most animals and these animals have no match for the lion. Maybe that’s why they are tagged to be king of the jungle.

When you look at the sky, do you think you see Superman or an airplane flying high?

Nup! It’s an eagle who has a strong wing with an average wingspan of 1.8 to 2.3m and they love to fly above the storm.

This unique power and qualities are innate for them to survive so that when the LION roars, the cheetah could run in the wild.

Lion has no match for cheetah’s speed because it has powerful legs.

So the Lion looks for another prospect and he sees ELEPHANT. But the older elephant is so huge and heavier than your car, the lion just stares at him and asks himself, how I could eat it all?

While looking at the sky, the lion sees the magnificent bird in the sky with its majestic wings spread throughout, but the lion has no match for it because the eagle can fly high taking advantage of the storm.

Now we ask ourselves if God has given the eagles with majestic wings, who can threaten them? And a lion is so strong that when it roars the animals flee out of his sight.

If God has given the elephant with weight, an eagle with wings that can soar, a lion with sharp teeth and a mighty roar; and a cheetah that has a speed with no other; then what do I have to compare with them?

What distinct quality do I have to overpower them?

Ahh! God has given me a MIND.



How we could match their powers?

With this mind power, we can’t run as fast as a cheetah, but we have the edge to outrun the cheetah by inventing the car that moves faster than a cheetah.

You can say to Cheetah, “I am not scared of you because I can ride a jeep and escape.”

We don’t have a match with the lion’s teeth but we can attack them by using a weapon. We have that genius as well to tame them.

We don’t have a match elephant strength but man invented cranes to lift heavy loads.

We don’t have a match the eagle’s wings to soar above the clouds but man develop an airplane and spaceship that could fly beyond the stars.


But what are an eagle’s majestic wings if we clamped his wings? What good it will do?

The eagle will fall to the ground.

What is the use of a lion’s teeth if you clamped his mouth? We have taken out his power and it can roar no more.

What is the strength of an elephant in a sturdy cage, they are useless.

If God has given them the power to survive with their unique abilities and nature, then for me to survive, what God has given me is my MIND.

What is the use of our mind if it is powerless?

That is why the mind is an expensive and awful thing to waste and many people are wasting these unique gifts and power that we have.

The battlefield is in our minds, because if the enemy has our minds, then we’re like a lion with no teeth, like an eagle with no wings, and a cheetah without legs.

It makes us useless.


 In the King James Version, it says that “Make No Thought of your life”.

But how does Jesus say make no thought of our life?

It’s quite intriguing because we use our minds to strategize, plan for the future, and make a goal.

Thinking is our life.

The highest-paid person is the one who thinks.

It’s the Thinker, the movers who are paid well. But how does Jesus say make no thoughts of your life?

Jesus is not asking us not to be mindless about the future but how we think about our future.

He is telling us not to worry about our future.

Because worry results in anxiety.

When anxiety becomes more frequent, it results in a bigger problem.

The problem with anxiety is that we are afraid of something not happening yet.

And I am not exempted from that because I also worry.

A person who is full of anxiety repeatedly sees the picture of something that makes him worry.

But Jesus said to be anxious about nothing.. Make no thoughts.

Maybe what Jesus was trying to expound in the idea of “make no thoughts” is not because we don’t use our minds to think, but the idea of not using our minds against us.

That the power that I have will be the same power to kill me. That the same power I can use against the enemy can be used to my disadvantage.


It says that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.

The enemy, therefore, his ultimate purpose is to destroy us using all of his devise and skills to manipulate everything and create situations to make us worry.

The enemy understands how we can be powerful if I use my mind’s power.

It is by our mind that we serve and worship the Lord as we need to love God with all of our minds.

How we could truly serve and love Him if we are not in the right stage of our minds?

He knows how creative I could be if I am on the right stage of my creative mind.

Would it be the enemy is stealing our today by worrying about tomorrow?

Is it that he threatens me with death tomorrow that I cannot enjoy my today?

All the terrorist activities happening all around the globe is enemies’ ideology not only to kill you physically but there are more to that.

More people are destroyed and stolen their lives because of the worries, the dreadful thoughts it creates in the mind of people.

More people’s lives are destroyed and disrupted by worrying rather than the number of people killed by any bullet, an explosion, or terrorist attack.

It terrorizes our minds.

We live afraid, we fear death that we don’t enjoy life. We are afraid to go to shopping malls or even ride an airplane.

We are more fearful of losing our job, how will I retire? How will I survive?

We lost sight of today because we are so anxious about the future.



If we go back to the text before the text that we read Mt 6:22

The eyes are the lamp of the whole body, do then your eyes are clear your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness.

It is in the context that we have two eyes but we can only see one image. Why? Because of a single focus vision.

But if the focus is not clear, the image we can picture is blurred and not clear

What makes the eyes to be single is FOCUS.

If the eyes are single then the whole body is full of light. If not everything is there but it’s not clear.

Ah, if our mind is out of focus, everything is there but we can’t see it clearly.

We gave bad decisions and we cannot see the clear details or picture of what good it should be.

In a single vision, there should be a focus.

Even your camera, the lens should be focused on a center or a subject.

For us to be focused, God is asking us to what is the center.

Jesus said not to focus on what are not important in our life.

Is life more important than food or our clothes important than our body?

It’s a trick of the enemy to bring our focus on the provision rather than on the vision.

To the gift rather than to the giver.


 Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

That is why in our prayer, ask God to bring back focus in our life.

Your mind is the cheetahs’ speed, it’s the eagle’s wings and it’s the lion’s teeth.

If we are not focused, the enemy is more motivated to paralyze us by crippling our power.

God is teaching us not to worry because the thing that we can’t do He can do…

Why worry about things we cannot fix. Why worry about a sickness you cannot cure?

Why worry about your spouse overseas if you don’t have power over their mind?

Why worry about the food you can’t grow? Nor worry of circumstances beyond your power to control.


To be worried is not to be anxious about what will go wrong.

Faith comes from hearing the Word of God.

What people are talking about you does not matter.

What is important is what you talk about and what you say to yourself.

No matter if people say that you are beautiful while you talk to yourselves that you are ugly, what good does it bring?

Likewise, even if everyone says that you’re a loser yet you speak to yourself that you’re a winner, their words have no effect on you because it is what you believe.

What you say about yourself matters.

Life and death are at the tip of our tongue.

We need to choose and that wise decision comes from a clear mind.

The blessings could not be released because of what you say about yourselves.

But when you believe what you say about yourselves, then you’re calling it to your advantage.

Our minds absorb and process what we say about ourselves.

If you worry, the enemy does not need to send a terrorist to attack you because he had already established a cell inside of you.

That cell activates the negativity that could kill you softly.


We have to focus on your purpose rather than your person. With positive faith.

Stop thinking that you are still single, that your nose is flat, that you are inflicted with HIV (hair is vanishing, that you suffer from AIDS (Acquired Income Deficiency Syndrome), that your color is black or brown…So what?

What is lacking in you will not kill you.

Is worrying will add a single hour to your life?

What’s wrong with you is not wrong with you.

If you think right there is nothing against your way.


Jesus when He said “make no thoughts of your life” is not teaching us to be thoughtless but NOT TO WORRY.

It is by worrying that you become thoughtless.

Worry delays the processing of our decision.

Worrying is thinking over and over again making us restless.

Thinking over and over again without resolving the issues is useless.

Our life could be more productive, meaningful, and beautiful if we will focus on our purpose.

Saint Paul says, think of something great, noble, beautiful, praiseworthy, and promote excellence and DWELL on these things.


Like a computer, it’s usually corrupted by the virus unintentionally we downloaded into the system.

Sometimes we thought that the software we downloaded is essential to our devices because we were enticed by its function and features.

Later we notice that it starts to buffer, and the system becomes slower until it becomes totally crapped.

Our mind is created by God to function as what He intended it to be. However, during our lifetime, our minds are being polluted by the so many things that we put into them.

There is a saying that says, we become what we eat. In the same manner, we become who we are by what we feed our minds.

A doctor became a doctor because of what he reads and what he feeds in his mind, the same thing with an engineer, a pilot, a nurse, or an astronaut.

Entertain negativity and your thought will be negative.

When I was indulge in reading and watching articles and videos that arouse my sexual lust, my mind became lustful.

That is why we need to guard our minds and we need to be always transformed by the renewing of our minds.


 No one was born worrying.

We have not seen in our lifetime a baby that is anxious about their clothes or the food they will eat.

Worrying is a learned behavior and we learned it from our parents and from the people around us.

If worrying is learned, then we can unlearn it as well.

Be transformed and unlearned the things that are not important in our lives and replace them with something worthwhile, that bring excellence.

Now start to speak to yourself, “Do not Worry…do not worry, don’t worry, and don’t worry”.

Say it again and again so until you hear it by yourself.

Speak to your mind.

You are special, and may you unleash the power of your mind,



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