Mark 4:4-12

 Seeds of Possibilities

 Anything alive grows and anything that grows multiplies.

Are we growing something in our life that we want to multiply and harvest?

But sometimes, many of us are growing and nourishing so many things that are supposed to be buried.

We grow our pride and ego, some grow hatred and indifference, and we nourish our weaknesses rather than our strength. We grow our debts rather than wealth.

What are those areas in your life that you want to grow?

Because understanding the importance of good seeds planted in good ground and how God makes them mature, will allow us to harvest fruits in hundred folds.

Let us understand today one of God’s principles of how to claim His blessing of abundance.

Every seed has a destiny. Every seed has possibilities.

Our topic is how to receive the Seeds of Possibilities.


 God hides his blessing in the seed form.

He allows his blessings concealed in the form of seed so that he will know that our motives are pure and true.

He allows it to sprout its roots inside of you, let it become part of your system until this becomes alive in you.

Because many people will try to snatch it from us.

There are a lot of people who recognize you because you have the fruits. There are a lot of people who not will respect and recognizes us while we don’t have yet the roots.

The blessing is in the seeds so that when we value it on its small humble beginning, God knows that we could be trusted even when we are given full-blown blessings.


People don’t realize that there is always destiny in every seed.

We cannot belittle the seeds that are being planted in us.

What the seeds could be is beyond what you imagine they will be because God had already given them with destiny.

God wants us to see the grape seed, not in its seed form but look at it as a grape vineyard, an apple seed to be an apple orchard.

Is it unusual that God planted the seeds of greatness in us but He will not show you the in-between?

The blessings for Joseph were in a seed form when God showed him in a dream that he will be a ruler and yet God never disclosed that the seeds of greatness in him shall be developed, nourished, and grown in the process he least expected.

If we have the seeds of destiny planted in us, God can bless us even if we are inside the pit of our circumstances, even at the bottom of hardships, and even inside the prison of our uncertainties.

If God blesses us inside the prison, God can bless us in the palace. Because we have planted with the seeds of possibilities hidden in a seed form.

Is it not amazing to stand in awe looking at a big tree when you know and witness how small it really started?


It is not enough that seed has to be planted, the seed has to be watered.

Water is a trauma to the seeds.

Because water makes its seed vulnerable, it exposes it to peeling its old skin.

Watering slowly kills the seed in its form so that it re-births to a new life form, better and bigger than it was before.

Watering makes you restless because the energy it produces in the seeds moves you to become what God wants you to be.

The Word of God that is watering that seed planted in us will not allow us to be contented until something happens in our life.

Just like Prophet Elisha, when he was watered by Prophet Elijah, he was inspired to take the path his master was doing. He left his farming, kill the oxen, and cooked with the yoke he used for plowing. Because he was watered.

The seeds that were planted in him became alive and it took roots that moves him to be the successor of His teacher Elijah.


But the question is how we can receive that seed of possibilities in our life?

It is not that the seed is not good why does it never flourish it also depends on what type of soil it was sown.

We don’t blame the failure on the seed because its possibility also determined which soil it landed on.

We cannot blame that the Word of God is not effective, that it has no power; nor is the speaker not anointed. Are we a good ground for the seed to grow?

Therefore, if we want every good seed to grow in our life, we have to ask ourselves, what type of soil we are.


   Mk 4:4 “the seeds fell beside the road and the bird came and ate it up.”

It’s good to have a passive income but not to have a passive heart.

The seeds were snatched out and eaten up.

Passive means we allow it to pass and come but we don’t have any response or any action at all.

A passive heart and mind will not even give chance to the seed to sprout because we don’t want to give a chance for His Words to work in us.

We refuse to be planted with something good because we immediately close our life for a new opportunity to bloom.

Our mind is not open to new possibilities, a new trend, new technology, and new ways because we wanted to stay where we were.

Our reservations and hesitations, our disbelief will not give us any chance so that the power of His Words come to life and have its effect on us.

Are we this type of soil that there a lot of opportunity passes because we never have the time to entertain them?

Any person with a passive attitude misses the chance to grow and receive the blessings that the seed brings.

Because they don’t see that the seed has the possibilities.


Mk 4:5 “Other seed fell on the rocky ground where it did not have much soil and it immediately sprung up because it had no depth of soil”.

Again, this does not mean that the seed is not good but the receiver has not had enough capacity to accept the seeds he received.

These are the type of people who are shallow in the sense that they can see only what is in front of them.

They cannot see the whole picture or the possibilities and what good the seed has to bring because they focus only on the tip of the iceberg.

The good thing, they give the chance for the Words to take root but since they don’t have depth, they never flourish.

They received the Word of God with joy but when trials come they waver in their faith. Not enough roots.

These are the type of people who attend the fellowship to ask for blessings but never come back when prayer was not granted.

In a relationship, they only consider that the other woman is more “malambing” or caring but they don’t realize that the real wife has more concerns to make the family one.

People who give more focus on instant gratification will never be wealthy because they are superficial. Their psychological wallet is small and they don’t have the depth and capacity to handle money.

There is a saying that “never give up your investments’ because when you are old, they will be your blessings to feed you. But so many exchanges the chance of having it because they desire the luxury of granting their “moment gratifications”.

Many OFW doesn’t see the blessings on the seed form because they put it in a balikbayan box or plant it somewhere where it takes no roots.

I like people who have roots because their faith will eventually make them rooted in times of storms and difficulties.


They hear the Word, accept it but the worries of the world and the deceitfulness of riches and desire for other things enter in and choke the Word and it becomes unfruitful

These are the type of people whose desire for riches overcomes their desires for God.

Their worries are greater than their faith.

Anxieties of this world choke them that their mind cannot focus on what the Word of God brings.

To be rich and wealthy is not bad because I believe that God wants us to be rich and wealthy. Our God shall supply our needs according to His riches in glory and He is our God more than enough.

To be blessed is good as long as we know that we are just a channel where it should flows. But when we close the pipe and divert it only for our own good, then the blessings will eventually stop.

With the deceitfulness of riches and desires for other things once entered into our system, we will be unfruitful.

Deceitfulness and lust are brothers of destruction.

A deceitful person can always play and maneuver a lustful person, and a lustful person always looks up to someone who can deceive him.

We cannot deceive a person about things who don’t have the lust for it.

A lustful person will always be deceived by the riches of this world because riches always offer it cannot deliver.

The riches of this world offer you happiness, peace, and comfort but I find more people on the streets sleep well than those who sleep in a costly hotel.

People with suicidal tendencies are mostly celebrities who are wealthy because they cannot stand the pressures and stress of life. They became unfruitful.


A good seed will always flourish when planted in good ground.

Its fruits are thirty, some are sixty and others are hundred-folds.

When the Word of God is planted on a person with a good heart, that person shines. That person blooms and becomes a blessing to so many.

God is looking for people who have a good attitude toward life. These are people who inspire others.

They are like a lamp placed on a lampstand whose light affects those who are in darkness, confused, and lost.

A good man blessed with wealth becomes a channel of blessings to others. Money in the hand of a wicked man becomes wicked but becomes a blessing when it’s received by a good man.

God will always look at what is your motive and He wanted to bless the seed to those He knows have the capacity and depth to handle it.

What are riches and wealth if after it has been given to you, you don’t attend church on Sunday anymore because you have to play golf? Or you miss fellowship because you are busy waxing your car.

You have too much riches but you don’t have time anymore for your kids and your spouse.

The seeds flourish in a good environment so that they could yield more fruits and do their purpose.

Good soil has its own capacities. To compare as St Paul is not wise to do so.

In so doing, never be jealous or envious of people who have a hundred folds if you are the thirty seeds types of soil because they have more capacity than you.

If you can be trusted with Thirty, God will increase it eventually. But people who cannot bear the fruits they have, it will be taken out from them and added to those who have the hundreds.

May you be a good soil worthy to receive the seed of possibilities that God gives.




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