Water Your Dreams


Philippians 3:13-14

Water your Dreams

All of us have dreams.

The question in front of us is that are all those dreams still alive or they were all disappeared like a vapor dew.

Many of us were all vibrant and full of hope when we were young, we dream dreams. Almost excited that we can change the world, to make things happen.

But along the way, with so many disappointment and failures; we never dream again.

We surrender our goals and forget to dream again.

We make excuses that dreaming is for all the young.

We dare to dream.

Getting rid of failures and disappointments

After so many failures and disappointment, we never dream again.

We feel hopeless that those aspirations will come into reality.

We made so many excuses, we dug holes where we can bury them.

All those regrets, we don’t want to remember them anymore.

The more we remember, it reminds us our inability to make things happen, our weaknesses and our limitations.

So, we stay in our comfort zone. Like an eagle who lost the ability to fly, we prefer to mingle with the chicken.

Sometimes, we build a bed on our situation.

Because staying with people with the same experience gives us the alibi and relief that where we are is normal.

Being lame is normal when you are surrounded by people who cannot walk.

Gossiping becomes normal when all the people you know are a gossiper.

Have we ever have our dreams so near, so close yet it’s difficult to achieve?

Then we blame others for our failures.

Like the man in Bethesda, he wanted to get to the pool but he blamed his inability to be healed because no one takes him to the pool.

For 38 long years, he was there near the pool waiting for miracles to happen.

Have you already put a bed on your situation?

Be ready for a radical maneuvering

But we cannot just stay where we are.

Because God has a perfect plan for all of us different from ours.

If other people had wavered in their dreams, there are people who dreamt but their dreams were not realized because God has a different plan for them.

Like St Paul, he had already a plan in his head and in his heart.He was resolved to fulfill it no matter what.

But something happened along the way, he was walking on the wrong road.

The road to Damascus was his turning point.

The change was so radical that he needed to despise himself.

He needed to forget his dreams. He was required to change the course of his journey toward the road that leads to the path where God had called him.

From Damascus to Jesus.

He counted it a loss for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Never worry if your dreams did not materials because God has another plan for you.

The Recipe for Success

Colonel Harland Sanders never gave up even he faced a lot of rejection.

He was already in his seventies when the best of things come in his life.

The recipe for his success is not on the secret recipe of his chicken alone but also due to his motivation not to give up on his dreams.

The thing that can make you discourage might the same thing that could fuel your dreams if you never give up.

Take that last ounce of courage and let it take you to the next level.

Never give up on your dreams and your dreams will never give up on you.

In the Middle of Crossroads

We may be in the middle of our crossroads today.

We are perplexed on what to do next.

New Year resolutions are not enough to make some radical change in our life.

We need to decide, we need to act.

Leave behind all our failures and shortcomings in the previous years and let it be our inspiration to do something better for this years and the years ahead.

Let our battle cry be “CHANGE IS COMING!”

But to be able to live this battle cry, we need to water our dreams.

Water Our Dreams

It’s not enough that dreams are planted inside of us because without watering it, it will die.

The destiny of dreams cannot be realized if we fail to water it.

Our dreams become alive when someone is watering us, inspiring us to continue in spite of anything that happens in our life.

This message is not about planting dreams in you, I am just watering what is already inside of you.

I want to refresh and revive that long forgotten dreams you had that roots were hampered because we failed to water that dreams.

Never expect to have fruits unless you have your dream to take roots.

The transition from planting that seed of dreams to increase is watering.


Proverbs 29:18 “where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained”

We need to have a clear vision of what we wanted to. For without it, people perish.

They become wild and uncontrolled because they don’t know the destination they wanted to pursue.

Vision set the tone of our journey and this emanates from our dreams, from our aspirations, and from our hopes.

To aspire does not mean only to dream but to pursue that dreams.

We don’t need to stay in a corner daydreaming but we need to follow the path where the dreams are leading us.

We direct our hope and our ambition towards achieving something great.

Our aspirations help us to focus and set the directions we have to go.

It is our dreams, our aspirations that give us excitement that fuels us towards our destiny.

Our destiny is like a magnet and our dreams are like a metal. Our destiny pulls us towards it if we have that dreams which are alive in us.

Dreams make us vibrant, alive, hopeful, awake and full of zeal.

To dream is not when we are asleep because dreams should make us awake.

What happens to that dreams you had, does it still wake you up?

Many people don’t achieve their dreams because they don’t want it bad enough.


It’s not enough that we have the dreams and goals.

It’s not enough that we pursue and chase that elusive dreams.

We need to acquire the skills to make that dream a reality.

We should equip ourselves to ready us when we get there.

We just don’t aspire to be good and anointed preacher but we have to study and learn and acquire hours to meditate the Word of God.

We don’t just pursue happiness but we learn how we could be happy and on the process understand what really makes us happy.

Laugher is good medicine but when we laugh without any reason then we need a good medicine.

When God has a plan for us, He has drawn us from where we are into an experience where we could learn…not to harm us but to build us.

Moses was drawn out from the water to the palace to learn the ways of the Egyptian. To learn leadership, to experience to be rich and have enough.

He doesn’t want us to be in a fight where we are not prepared.

Because life is tough.

The enemy is merciless.

We acquire knowledge from education.

Learning from the books that we read, the people that taught us, from our pastors and spiritual directors.

We acquire learning through intense and massive hearing and listening.


To acquire, we don’t focus on where we are weak but we concentrate on our strength.

When we concentrate on our strong points, we increase our belief and our confidence.

And what we will do with our weakness? accept the areas where we are vulnerable and delegate them.

You need people that would bring you to where you want to go, just like a paralytic man the man who was lying on his bed, he had his four friends who able to tear the roof and took him down to Jesus.

Look for people who are willing to tear down walls that hinder your way to the achievement of your dreams.


There are people that could help you achieve your dreams, you need only to find the right team.

You have to find the right partner, the right people who are also a dreamer.

You need someone who will water your dreams and not dream killer.

Avoid toxic people that pumps you with discouraging words that decrease your moral and pulls you down.


FAITH without action is deed.

What is knowing without doing?



EMANATESs from our Core gifts & life purpose

ASPIRING for the highest goal possible

MOVING forward with confidence into a

SUCCESSFUL and tangible results


To take the first step is the hardest because we are being seized by our fear.

The fear of losing money if we put it in stocks; if we invest it in mutual funds or if we start our own business if we invest it in a real estate.

The fear of losing the regular streams of our salary if we concentrate on venturing into our own business.

Do it afraid until you’re not afraid anymore.

Our dreams could only be tangible if we start making it happen.

Landing on the moon was just a dream but because they decided to do it despite all its impossibilities, they made it possible.


Because to achieve our dreams, we have to pay it in advance.

People who delayed their gratification achieved their dreams and goals because they paid it in full.

To apply is the willingness to sacrifice.

God desired to restore our relationship with Him, so Jesus paid it in full in advance.

Our salvation was paid fully in advance.

If you wanted to be promoted in our job, you have to work for it first.

If you dreamt to increase your wealth, you have to invest your capital first.

Investing is not about money alone but you are investing your time, your gratification, your sweats, your talents and your skills.

You pay it in full because what you see on the seed is not its smallness but you see it as a tree.

You don’t look at your small investment as an expense but as a seed.

You never give up doing what is good because you know that at the proper time you will harvest your good deeds.

Every random act of kindness, every small deed of goodness is an investment in heaven.

Do it and you will feel motivated to do it

Zig Ziglar

The most difficult part of our journey towards achieving our dreams is the transition process.

Unless we put ourselves into it, we can never be able to learn it.

Habits are Character

Motivation is what gets you started. Habits is what keeps you going

Jim Rohn


Whatever dreams we have, learn to surrender it to Him.

His plan for us is better than our plan for our self because He knows best.

The last thing I ask from you is not to settle for less.

Dream big dreams and the universe will conspire to let it be a reality.

May your BIG dreams brings Big blessings to the world,


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