Philippians 3:13-14

All of us have dreams.

The question in front of us is, “are all those dreams still alive, or have they all disappeared like a vapor dew?”

Many of us were all vibrant and full of hope when we were young, we dream dreams. Almost excited that we can change the world, to make things happen.

But along the way, with so many disappointments and failures; we never dream again.

We surrender our goals and forget to dream again.

We just make excuses that dreaming is all for the young.

But even when we grow old, our dreams change to where God is leading us.

Dare to Dream

To dare means:

Do Action Regardless of Eventualities.

Dreams is a DEDICATED RESOLVE that EMANATES from our core gifts and life purpose, ASPIRING for the highest goal possible, MOVING FORWARD with confidence into a SUCCESSFUL and tangible results.

It’s a dedicated resolve, a decision that revs us up to focus on what to aspire with greater importance for us.

Any decision we make emanates from our gifts given to us by God and our core life purpose.

That is why when you decided to keep your relationship in marriage, you decided to love with a single purpose you want to spend the rest of your days with the man or woman you love and what God has given to you.

We always aspire for the highest goal possible because it stretches us out. It gives us challenges.

It brings out the faith in us, it brings out the best in us.

When we dream, we move forward with confidence knowing that we have God on our side.

We keep it in our mind and in our heart that it is His will and plan to prosper us and give us a good future.

All this endeavor is to taste and see the fruit of all our aspirations.

The result of all our decisions to move forward in pursuing our highest goals possible with much confidence, fueled by our core gifts and life purpose is to turn it into successful and tangible results.

Dreams that could be touched, dreams that could be seen, dreams that could be tasted.

“Taste and see how good our God can be”.

God will turn our visions into realizations, He will turn our dreams into reality.

Maaring ang isang bagay ay imposible subalit sa Diyos ito’y napangyayari

Getting rid of failures and disappointments

After so many failures and disappointments, we never dream again.

Hopeless that those aspirations will come to reality.

We made so many excuses, we dug holes where we can bury them.

All those regrets, we don’t want to remember them anymore. The more we remember, it reminds ourselves of our inability to make things happen, our weaknesses, and our limitations.

But don’t bury our dreams, but keep them with us because this gives us inspiration.

Dreams give us hope.

Burying that dream, we stay in our comfort zone. Like an eagle who lost the ability to fly, we prefer to stay with the chicken.

We build a bed on our situation.

Because staying with people with the same experience, gives you the alibi and comfort that what you become normal.

Being lame is normal when you are surrounded by people who cannot walk. Being a chicken is normal when you surround yourself with chicken.

To get out from being normal, then pursue your dreams and find your way out of your norm and comfort zone.

Be ready for a radical change.


But we cannot just stay where we are.

Because God has a perfect plan for all of us different from ours.

If other people had wavered in their dreams, some people dreamt but their dreams were not realized because God has a different plan for them.

Like St Paul, he had already a plan in his head and in his heart and he was resolved to fulfill it no matter what.

But something happened, he was walking on the wrong road. The road to Damascus was his turning point.

The change was so radical that he needed to despise himself. He needed to forget his own dreams. He was required to change the course of his journey toward the road that leads him to the path where God had called him.

He counted it a loss for the sake of Jesus Christ.

In the Middle of Crossroads

Now is 2019 and we may be in the middle of our crossroads.

We are perplexed about what to do next.

New year resolutions are not enough to make some radical change in our life.

We need to decide, we need to act.

Leave behind all our failures and shortcomings in previous years and let it be our inspiration to do something better for these years and the years ahead.

Let our battle cry be CHANGE IS COMING

Let us direct our hope and our ambition towards achieving something great.

May your happiness be full.



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