Exodus 2:1-10

Do we not wonder why sometimes in our life, we pass through a series of stages wherein, we felt uncomfortable because we are taken out of our comfort zone?

There were times we resisted change because we don’t want to adapt to the new situations, a new set of rules, and from where we are already comfortable.

Are we not amazed as well that in our lifetime, we experienced a series of stages in life that brings us to a better, bigger and brighter side of our life?

Life is a journey, it is a series of stages from one to another. It is a process, a transition from one event to another, from one experience to another.

Life stages are constant.

It’s a series of drawn-out. A process that God is shifting us every time whether we like it or not.


In our text today, we read that Moses was drawn out from the river when he was a baby. Little did he know that God is drawing him out to be transformed to do bigger things for a mission prepared for him by God.

The life of Moses was a series of stages into a life already predestined, already orchestrated, and well planned by God for him.

Little did Moses know that his life was phases of God drawing him out from the womb of her mother to the Hebrew house, from the house to the river, from the river to the Pharaohs’ palace, from the palace to the wilderness, from the wilderness back to his people to drew God’s people to become a mighty nation.


God in our life is drawing us out every day from our fear, from our hidings, from our comfort zones.

God is calling us out from our sins, from the raven we have known.

Even the life of Joseph was a series of drawn-out experiences.

He was drawn out from his house to be thrown inside the pit, he was drawn out of the pit to be a slave in Potiphar’s house, from the Potiphar’s house he was drawn out to be thrown inside the prison but one day, he was drawn out from the prison to be seated inside the palace. In life, sometimes when we are being taken out from our misery, from our sufferings, from our hardships; we expect that the next stage of our life is good, something that we could forget our pain and agony.

What if the result is opposite to what we expected?

Like Joseph, when he was drawn out from the pit, he expected that he will be freed but he was sold to be a slave.

He serves well in the Potiphar’s house but in return, he was wrongly accused and thrown inside the prison.

But God drawing us out to something better. He draws us out to be placed in a stage where He could prepare us for a bigger mission, to handle bigger responsibility.

Moses was drawn out to be trained, to be equipped, to work out his character to become a good leader, be familiar with and survive with the terrain of the desert.

Moses was drawn out into the wilderness to draw out his people from the bondage of the Egyptians.


Do you know that God is preparing us for something big?

If we will just reflect on our life, God incubates us to become big.

The people of Israel were only seventy when they went to Egypt, but God incubates them for hundreds of years to become a big and mighty nation of God.

Anything alive grows. It started from a small form, but the time will come, it will be bigger when you draw them out.

Just imagine how tiny creatures were when we were in our mother’s womb, when it was time to get out, we were drawn out larger than it was.

We all are undergone an incubation period.

All our experiences are a series of stages preparing us to become more experienced and successful.

We become more skillful and proficient not only by acquiring knowledge but by having the necessary experience.

Experience is a good teacher.

We have a mission and our mission is bigger than we thought. David was drawn from being a shepherd to doing a bigger mission. To be the next king.

God has drawn you from your place to be here in UAE because you have a mission for your family.

God has drawn you out from your ministry to be a leader because the mission set before you is bigger than what you thought.

Don’t think about your condition, your situation because God is about to shift you to your destiny.



Just imagine a caterpillar inside a cocoon. When the time has come, it must come out and be drawn out because it cannot stay inside for long. It will find its way to break the small space so that it could come out and be free.

The butterfly cannot be able to have its wings fly unless it was drawn out from its cocoon.

Our life may be like inside the trap of a dark cocoon. We cannot see any rays of hope but while we are in a situation that is difficult to bear, just think that God will draw us out.

Never be tired of believing that someday, you will be flying high.

Always sing your belief “I believe I can fly..”

Our life is not always in the cocoon stage because that is just temporary.

There will always be time for everything to work in season.

Since everything is temporary, be prepared to be drawn out.

Losing a job is temporary.

Being sick is just temporary.

Our comfort zone is not our destiny because God’s promise is not in our shelter. Be prepared to be shifted.


In our text, the child was born but without a name.

He was unknown and nobody knew him.

He had no influence, he had no name.

He was just a baby born to an ordinary Hebrew family.

The baby was named Moses which means draw out from the water.

Isn’t it that God has drawn us out to give us a name?

To restore our dignity and to reclaim the sonship we have in God. We are not known, we don’t have influence, but God is drawing us out to give us the importance and to redeem our worth.

For He rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son He loves-Colossians 1:13

God has taken us out from the dominion of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of light.

God has drawn us out to give us names that represent who we are and the mission that we should accomplish.

You are Simon the son of John; you shall be called Cephas (which is translated Peter). —John 1:42

Remember how God drew out Saul from his old belief to become a new disciple of God defending the faith. He was given a new name, from Saul to Paul.

Our life is drawn out for a reason, to be a better person whom God prepare for a bigger mission.

May your happiness be full,



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