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Matthew 5:21:

 Remain Faithful and Find Favors

 His master said, “well done, good and faithful servant. You were faithful with few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your Master.

What comes to our mind when we talk about highly favored?

Maybe it’s about blessing, an unprecedented favor, or approval. To be able to receive this favor, there is a requirement that we need to pass the test.

We need to be faithful servants of God.

Mother Theresa said, “We are called to be faithful and not successful.”


In Mt 25:21 says “ you are faithful with few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your Master.’.

Our faithfulness brings favor.

Our faithfulness brings joy to our Master and if we delight ourselves in God, He will give us the desires of our hearts.

Our faithfulness is a seed that if we nurture and let it grow, the fruit of this seed we will harvest in due time.

A harvest without measure because WE ENTER THE JOY OF OUR MASTER.

In Cor 4:2 “the one thing required of such servant is that they be faithful to their Master.’



The greatest challenge of being faithful is to keep doing without other observing.

We continue to work even without our boss.

It is our dedication and devotion even without our earthly master watching us.

That is why a faithful servant required no more camera to watch over us but that camera is for security purposes and not to monitor an employee.

Mt 24:45-46 Who is then a faithful slave? Blessed is the slave whom his master FIND SO DOING WHEN HE COMES, truly I say to you that he will put him in charge of all his possessions.  

We continue to do our work with diligence in our master’s absence.

It’s rather good to know that people are working in my absence rather than only being busy in my presence.

If you are faithful in your rehearsal, you do more good in your recital.

We don’t need someone to applaud or motivate us because as a servant, we have to fulfill the work given to us even when nobody is around us.

The master of the slave will come on a day when he does not expect him at an hour he does not know.


It is in our fidelity that work is completed.

It is in our faithfulness that the mission is accomplished.

At the end of every accomplishment, we will be judged of is the end results.

We will be measured by our fruits.

Mt. 25:26 But the Master answered said to him, “ you wicked, lazy slave, you knew that I reap where did I not sow and gather where I do  not scattered; then you ought to put my money in the bank and on my arrival I would have received my money back with interest.”

In our fidelity, we ought to be trustworthy in cultivating the free gift of God’s grace He has given us.

When God has given us talents, He expected us to use that for something greater which brings value; which brings glory to His Name.

Success in many cases we conform to what the world expects from us but FAITHFULNESS is doing what God expects from us.


In Gen 28:20 Jacob made a vow that if God will be with him on his journey and bless him till he came back to his father’s house safely then the Lord will be his God. He set a pillar of stone, to indicate that it was God’s house and surely all the blessings he will received will give the tenth back to God.

We give importance to our promise to God when we say yes to the Lord.

We honor our words as God honors his words.

As a husband to his wife, marriage is a covenant and a promise of commitment that only death could separate them apart.

When we are faithful, we pledge our loyalty that we will give God what belongs to Him.

Our life He created and we are His. It is just proper and fitting that all in us we offer a living sacrifice to Him who is worthy of every praise and reverence.


Our faithfulness does not demand convenience.

We are faithful. After all, we are highly favored because we are extremely blessed.

Miracles happen when we are in our inconvenienced.

True fidelity demands our outright obedience even when we are amid our inconvenience.

Take your part in suffering as a loyal soldier of Jesus Christ.

We cannot serve God only at our convenience. A slave does not demand convenience before he obeys his master.

We remain faithful even if this means carrying our own crosses. Mt 16:24 says if we want to follow Him, we carry our cross.

We obey even if it does not please us nor please others. What is important we please the one whom we are serving- our Master.

Our service does not conform to our terms but under God’s terms.


Our faithfulness doesn’t die instantly nor weary over time.

A servant doesn’t weary in his loyalty.

We don’t settle for less but rather always look for the best.

We remain constant in our fervor, our zeal, and enthusiasm even when things get rough and events are not in our favor.

If we are for God, we remain for God alone.

As St Paul to Timothy, a soldier does not mingle or be busy with civilian works but rather busy and alert every time

We don’t exchange our service for something less. We don’t trade our faith for something temporary.

We should remain in our relationship with our Master even when they are trying to change our beliefs.

Servants should remain uncompromising keeping our integrity intact.


“Much is required whom much is given; much is required from the person to whom much more is given.”

A faithful servant is grateful. It is just worthy that we received a favor, we return that favor to others.

Remember the parable when the master forgives his slave who owes him but later on was sent to prison. Why? Because when that slave was forgiven, when he saw a fellow slave who also owes him, he failed to forgive his fellow slaves but was rather so arrogant with him.

When we receive a favor, we translate that into good and kind works not only to the master but to our fellow and our neighbors.

The life of a faithful servant is a life of gratitude.

Magdalene was so faithful to Jesus that she even spent her expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet. That faithfulness does not end by pouring it to Jesus’ feet but till the foot of the cross, Magdalene was there pouring her tears.


Our faithfulness brings promotion to a higher degree.

You were faithful in few things; I will put you in charge of many things.

-Matthew. 25:21

It is not the worldly acclaim, wealth nor possessions, reputation, or positions that will be the criteria for judging individual success.

Success is not our business; it is God’s business to ensure that we succeed. Our business is to be faithful.

Man plans his ways but God directs his steps.

A faithful servant needs not bother about how he will be successful for success find the faithful.

Joseph had reached the highest position, distinction, honor, and prestige in the land of Egypt because he passed the test of faithfulness not only to his earthly masters but above all to his Sovereign Master.

He was highly favored because he was faithful.

His success was the result of his fidelity and loyalty to an earthly and heavenly Master.

Success mostly draws us to think about ourselves but faithfulness is drawing us near to the God who called us.

If we please the master that we serving, the joy that we bring is a blessing that we will be reap overflowing.

In summary, we could be highly favored servants by our faithfulness and this will bring us favors:

  1. Find so doing when he comes
  2. Accomplishes the Master expectations
  3. Value our covenant
  4. Obedience even in our inconvenience
  5. Uncompromising service
  6. Repay the favors we received
  7. Success finds the faithful

May your happiness be full as you remain faithful,





Thank God in All Things- SERIES 3


Thank God in All Things 

It seems odd to say that we have to rejoice in our storms and now it is more peculiar that we need to thank God in all things.

In this third series of Rejoicing in our storms, we need to recognize that whatever storms we are into, we have to thank and acknowledge God that He is always in control.


We thank God in everything because in all our circumstances God has always a purpose.

1 Thessalonians 5:16 says that “in all circumstances give thanks to the Lord for it is the will of God.”

Paul is encouraging us to be grateful to God for there is something hidden in every storm we are into.

It is not easy to thank God in all our situations especially when all hell breaks loss and almost everything starts to rock your boat.

In Genesis 50:20 “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it good in order to bring about this present result to preserve the people alive.

In every circumstance happening in our life, nothing just happens.

It happens for a purpose.

When there is no way, God will make the way.


David in his Psalm says that this is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

We rejoice in our situations because whatever conditions we are in, God has created them for good.

I believe that there is always a miracle in disguise. It may be a problem for now but there is something to be learned in every problem we have that molds us and harness our potential to be a better person.

Have we realized that when we try to look back on so many problems that we have in the past, we laugh at them now?

We were sleepless, we may be having that much stress before but we can easily talk about it right now.

In some other way, we are thankful that we passed through that series of problems, tests, difficulties, and trials; because with that experience, we can say that it helps us to face challenges easier, further experience, and be more adept in handling situations.


After I graduated from High school in 1991, sad news came to me when the textile company where my father was working closed its operation and declare bankruptcy.

It means I will not be enrolling in college.

I retreated and hide from my classmates because I felt shy about not pursuing college.

I went to Manila and started to work as a part-time factory worker, a helper- dishwasher in Carenderia in Quezon City accepting the life that was never in my dreams.

My father started his own ice cream business from the separation pay he received from his previous company and was able to put up one pushcart “sorbets”.

From that single pushcart “sorbets”, he managed to acquire another one for me.

It was the beginning of my being a “Sorbetero “ or an ice cream vendor.

With the blessings that came into our lives, I enrolled later to pursue my college education. Studying during the weekdays, a Sorbetero during the weekend, and summer vacations.

There was one particular spot in my route where I have the most difficulty pushing the cart up the inclined and stiff road. The easy way to push the cart up is to move it forward in a zigzag motion.

Reaching the top of that road lead me to rest and pause praying to God that I will not be Sorbetero forever.

I did it for five years and the last time that I went out to sell and push that ice cream cart was right after I passed the Civil Engineering board examination.


The good thing about those experiences, we learned to thank God because despite our situations God never failed us during those rainy days.

God used those situations in our life to trust Him that His grace is sufficient and more than enough.

God had given us that ice cream so that I and my brothers could be able to finish our studies.

Before I was shy and asked God what had happened; but now I am proud and grateful for it.

The road that we may be walking right now is not the road you dream of, but never worry as God will be the one to direct our path.


The healthiness of our emotion is gratitude.

Gratitude increases our immunities and helps us to be resistant to any stress and be less susceptible to illness.

Because ungrateful people are miserable and nothing will make them happy.

Men with ungrateful attitudes have a miserable spirit.

A heart that is not contented; even if you give him everything, nothing will make him happy.

May God sustain you with a grateful spirit even amid the storm,