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Live in Modesty, Not Scarcity


I agree with the article I read lately as it is in time that we cannot just enjoy today and suffer later, nor trade our present for a bad future.

This is my principle, being modest today does not mean that I deprive myself.

It does not mean that we don’t trust God that He can’t provide all our future needs as his promise is sufficient for our supplication.

To live in modesty does not mean living in scarcity.


Remember the time of Joseph when he interpreted the dreams of the Pharaoh about the seven cows and the seven ears of grain. It’s about Egypt’s seven years of prosperity and after those follows seven years of famine.

We may be working for years enjoying the years of the harvest of our labors.

We may be reaping now the harvest of God’s blessing while we are working as an OFW, as an employee as a businessman.

This could be the time of our prosperity.

But have we prepared for the years of famine?

If you lose your job today, how long you will survive without asking for help from your neighbors, your relatives, or your friends?

How long will your savings help you to survive before you find another job or recover from a major loss?


There is always a season for everything. There’s a time of plenty, there’s a time of needs.  A time for planting, a time for reaping.

We have to understand God’s universal principle; we have to follow the law of the universe. When we oppose this law, then we are in trouble.

God has given us the wisdom to understand this season.

This means that in times of difficulties, we have to prepare ourselves.

In times of plenty, we prepare for the times of scarcity.

Remember what our grandparents said “ Kapag may isinuksok, may madudukot”  If we save something, then we have something to use in the future.


God’s blessing is enough that we could spare something in times of our needs.

This is where stewardship will come to play.

When it comes to our finances; stewardship does not mean only giving God what is due for Him.

Stewardship as well as how we manage the blessings we received after offering our tithes to God.


We love to enjoy a time of prosperity but often forgot to look for future necessities.

But it always takes two to dance the Tango.

We have to cooperate and be responsible with every penny we received.

Here in Dubai, we are being bombarded daily with advertisements, lots of discounts, easy access to loan and credit card facilities, and cheap offers to disperse our cash.

It’s really enticing! If we will fall into this trap, at the end of the day we leave this part of the world broke.


The usual comment we hear from so many people is “no money to save”.

It does not take much money to start saving. It takes will and discipline.

Start little until it becomes our habit until it becomes part of our life. There are so many of us who have this scarcity mentality.

The moment we declare that we don’t have something to save, this creates a wall that becomes a barrier.


 Start sowing now while you still have seeds to grow.

Start saving now while you’re still young and time is on your side.

Begin to live in modesty and reap the harvest plenty in years to come.

Start planting and enjoy the day of harvest.

Start now and may your happiness be full,

Mike Sendon