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 dont worry

How we can rejoice when our boat is filling up with water and we are afraid that it is about to sink?

How we can say “I am glad” when we are in a situation where things are beyond our control? When everything seems to be loose.

It seems odd to tell that we should be rejoicing at all times.

But how can we be rejoicing when our finances are shaking us down? When sickness lingered around? When our relationship is at the brim of separation?

Can we really be joyful in all our circumstances?


It is difficult and not easy to be happy when we are in the midst of so many troubles but we have to make a choice.

To be happy or to be sad is our choice.

To be grouchy or happy.

We can choose to be sad when our loved ones left us.

We can decide to be miserable when all our troubles are hard to bear.

We can choose to be a loser when we were overcome by our situations.

But St. Paul admonishes us that we have to be joyful always in all our circumstances.

If we have given that choice, we choose to be happy rather than to be miserable.

Why? Because Jesus said that being worried would not add any single hour in life. (Mt. 6:27)

Here are four things how we can have that joyful attitude even when are in the midst of any storms.


Do not be worried about your life as to what you will eat or what you will drink nor for your body what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?- Mt. 6:25

 The common worry for so many of us is food. What we will eat? What we will drink?

It is good to understand that all our worries are learned. We learned it from our parents and from our peers.

We were not born to be worried. Have you remembered that you were worried when you were born? No babies were born thinking about how they will survive or who will take care of them.

Since all worries were learned, we can unlearn all our worries.

Never be so worried about things that are beyond your control. Because the moment that we worry about things beyond our ability to control, it makes us more anxious.

Why worry if you cannot control it.

Worry is the darkroom where all negative develops.

Worry brings fear and fear brings your worry into reality. It brings us more stress.

When we worry about anything, ask ourselves “ what will truly make us happy?”

Our life is in the hand of God.

Why do we have to worry when God is in our boat?

He might be sleeping in the stern of our boat but it does not mean that He lost control of the boat.

Never so worried about the circumstances that we lose sight of God’s promise.

Never so focus on our situations that we fail to see God’s inspiration.


Don’t worry because our life is more than the things that make us worry.

Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap, nor gather into  tha barns and yet your heavenly father feeds them. Are you not much more than them?- Mt 6:26

God knows what we need.

He knows what we are been into. He sees our situations.

All of us are so important in His eyes because we are worth more than the birds that fly in the sky.

We need to continually and consistently abide in His unfailing Words. Like a branch connected to the vine, we have to be always connected with God.

Not only do the blessings flow but the joy that comes from Him flows as well.


In everything, we have to consider first our God and our worries will pass.

Instead of worrying, seek first for God who is always our help close at hand.

Seek ye first His kingdom and all the things we need shall be added unto us.

Look for His promise amid all adversities.

What God wanted us to learn is to entrust things into His care. Because of the things we cannot do, God can do.

Trust that God’s help and guidance are enough to solve our problems and worries.

Don’t worry about everything, trust God in everything.

May God sustain you with joy even amid the storm,






2 Kings 5:1-3

Is it that most of the time when we have problems, we immediately cast them out in Jesus’ name?

Little do we understand that problems come to us to serve their purpose not to break us but to build us.

It’s not meant to decrease us but rather to increase us.

Our afflictions, our conditions, our problems no matter to what degree have always been the solution.

“Do not be discouraged by our situation nor be disappointed by your condition if you know exactly that God has always a solution.”


Naaman was captain of King of Aram’s army, a great and vibrant man, courageous and highly respected, and a man of authority.

He was a national hero in Syria just like David in Israel. He was victorious and dangerous in every battle.

A man of valor, God has predestined him as an instrument of Aram’s success in all their battle.

The Problem Beneath

But despite all Naaman’s greatness and prestige, he had a problem. He was a leper.

He was mighty in the outside battle but Naaman was undergoing a secret battle inside.

Naaman has been in a secret storm.

Many of us may be successful in where we are right now but deep within, we are in a secret battle that God only knows.

Naaman had managed to hide his afflictions through his prestige and popularity.

He had able to hide his conditions behind the helmet and armor that he wore.

How do we hide our problem? Many of us also put the icing on our situations to hide the real truth of our conditions.

But we cannot hide it for long.

We may get envious of our bosses because they seem to be well off, wealthy and powerful. But we don’t know of their inner struggles. They may be driving the most expensive car and living in an elegant house but they are suicidal. They may be four months behind on their mortgage.

They seem to be living but like so many of us, they are also surviving. They have the money but they also suffering from diabetes or their family is not stable.

They may have everything but they are not happy because they are still looking for something.

Naaman is like that. He had everything but deep inside he was dying.

You may have everything but dying; some have not that much but living”.Affliction 1


Naaman had the dreaded disease Leprosy.

It is a disfiguring disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae bacteria which results in the lack of ability to feel pain and thus loss of parts and extremities due to repeated injuries or infection due to unnoticed wounds.

This disease slowly eats human flesh.

But leprosy is not just about in the physical realm. We may be suffering from spiritual leprosy, emotional leprosy, or financial leprosy.

Our afflictions are like leprosy that we don’t notice and it’s slowly eating us.

It’s slowly draining our energy.


No matter how we hide, it will surpass and float in time. We cannot make ourselves invisible from others by pretending that everything seems to be fine.

Naaman cannot control the nose of his peers from sniffing the stink that comes from his wounds.

He may manage not to disclose it from his comrade, but at home, she needs the aid of his slave to help her cleanse his wounds.

No stink that cannot be smelled. You need someone to comfort us, assist us when we have our afflictions.


Another dilemma about our situations is when we only live to survive.

When start to compare ourselves to anybody around us.

When we start to look at our conditions while seeing others are doing fine and seems others are doing all right.

When we focus on our conditions and convince ourselves that there is no cure to sickness then we are in the state of just surviving.


Another painful dilemma when we are in our leprous conditions is when everyone is leaving and no one is willing to help.

In the olden days, lepers were being separated away from the community and considered them as unclean. They were provided with a bell so that they could warn others when they were near.

When we have those situations, it’s more agonizing than even friends are rare to be found because they feel dreaded about you?

They feel your situations are now at a dead end.


Another worse thing about being in a deep problem is when they told you that there is no more solution to that problem.

When once the doctor has given an ultimatum that a man has already months to live.

This was Naaman’s predicament because he knows exactly that his leprosy has no cure.

There was no benefit or comfort in his disease. There was no medical expert at that time and they consider that this affliction is not a disease but a curse.

When we are in Naaman condition, we tend to “google” the situation and know exactly what our chance of survival is. We read a lot of medical books and self-help guides.

What is happening today, many learn to know much about their condition just to validate their hopelessness.

Little we don’t know, in times like this, we need to know more about the God who can heal us as He is the source of our life.


In verses 2-3, they have taken a captive little girl from the land of Israel and she became their slave.

Unknown to Naaman, the solution to his affliction is just right inside his house.

The little girl was instrumental in solving Naaman’s illness.

Is it when we go to battle that God already delivered them into our hands.

It is when before all the first-born babies were killed during the time of Moses that God already prepared the Pharaoh’s palace for him.

It is when before Joseph was sold to the Egyptian traders and suffered in Egypt that God already prepare the ring he will wear to rule as the second in command to Pharaoh.

When we lost our job, God has already prepared a new and better job for us.

But never expect that God has prepared a new husband for you when your spouse falls ashtrays. Don’t throw them away, just need some recycling.

All afflictions, problems, and temptations are common to man and God is faithful that He will not allow you to be tempted and tested beyond your ability to endure but He will provide you the way to escape as well.


I remember somebody says that the most difficult problem to face is when the problem is our face.

There is no exception.

Each of us has our own infirmities and we deal with them differently.

Never think that our problem is too big that we belittle the problem of others.

The little maiden, somehow little she was had also big problems. She was a woman, a captive, a slave, away from her family.

She had no freedom, no reputation of her own.

But little she was on the outside; she was big on the inside. What made her big is the God that she knows.


The woman’s problem became the solution to Naaman’s problem.

Your burden right now is the answer to others’ suffering.

You may be working away from your family and you missed them so much but the fact that you have these problems you are the answer to their problems as well.

You may be taking care of other children to sustain the needs of your own children.

You may be working in the home for the aged and you cannot personally take care of your old parents because you know the fact that you support her medication being away from them

Your sufferings and your burdens may be the solutions to others’ burdens.

The little girl’s problem is an instrument to bring Naaman in knowing God.

Naaman’s problem is an instrument to bring him humility and knowing the God Almighty.


Naaman on his way to Samaria brought with him the recommendation letter from the king of Aram, six thousand shekels of gold, ten talents, and ten changes of clothes.

We need to understand that even all our connections with the kings, all our wealth, our prestige, and our positions cannot solve all our problems.

All of these are not the answers to all your problems because if we think so, then we don’t need God anymore.

Our problems sometimes are the answer to our own problems.

To Know there is GOD

God has the purpose for why we went through all of these so that we know that there is God who can demonstrate His power.

In verse 8, Elisha said to the king never to be angry and don’t send back Naaman for him to know that there is a prophet in Israel.

We may not know why we are afflicted or amid troubles but God wanted us to experience miracles.

Our problems are like a forging instrument molding us to be someone God wants us to be transformed.

Far behind every obstacle is a miracle for those who believe.

There are no afflictions that there are no solutions to if we put it in the hand of God who knows best.

To Obey and Trust the Lord 

In verses 10-11 Elisha sent a messenger to tell him that he has to go to the Jordan river and wash them seven times and his skin shall be restored and he will be clean.

But Naaman was so furious and went away sad.

Our affliction teaches us to obey and be humble before God and heed his instruction.

Our usual response to our problem is to complain and become furious about our situations.

We tend to blame it on others, blame our fate and blame God.

People even remain proud thinking that they can do everything with their money, with someone whom they know.

God wanted us to do exactly what He wanted us to do.

He wanted us to dip down, bow down, stooped down, and acknowledge that we cannot do anything.

God will restore us when we follow (2 Kings 5:14)

He taught Naaman a lesson to forget himself and leave his fate in the hands of God.

God brings us to our knees and to prostrate to Him who is due of our reverence.


When we are blest, we are blest anyhow.

Never be so focused on your problem that you think that you are not blessed, because problems may seem to be a blessing in disguise.

It does not mean to harm you but to build you.

It does not mean to break you but to strengthen you.

It brings you to your knees to make you a man God will be pleased with.

May you find God’s purpose in your afflictions,


BE STILL IN YOUR STORMS-Series 5 (Life continues after every storm)


(Life continues after storms)

MARK 4:35 -41Be Still in your storms 5

 In this last series, we need to understand that there is always an end to any storms that come in our life.

Storms are just seasons that come and go.

No matter what we have been through, life never ends as life continues after every storm.


After every storm, everything’s back to normal.

Because our storms are just temporary.

Every problem and tribulation, they don’t last long. There is always an end because they are just temporary.

No matter how strong and how long we’ve been on the storms when it ends life goes on.


After we survive the storm, we have to move on and grab every piece left.

We may lose our house, our jobs our loved ones, our cars but we have to continue with our journey.

God promises to save us but not our boat. We may lose our boat but His promise is to keep us safe. We may reach our destination without the boat, but He makes sure that we reach the shore.

In our life, we have what we called temporary blessings. Never regrets the temporary ones because it means to last, they will not be taken from us.

Never grieve about the broken boat. Never grieve about your lost relationship because we don’t need to complete everything before we reach our shore.

God will take us to where we are in another form. We don’t know how we don’t know when but for sure God will take us there.


We cannot waste our life grieving what was lost.

We cannot blame God for what was taken from us, because if anything that won’t stay means it does not mean to last.

The storms are not meant to weaken you but to strengthen you.

The energy we lose grieving the boat is far more draining than the energy we gain after we survive the storm.

We may be devastated but we will never be destroyed because the promise is not about our ship. The promise is to keep you safe.

Don’t grieve about your strayed boyfriend because your destiny is not dependent on him.

Don’t lament about your lost job because you are gifted to find a new one.

Never sadden by your sickness because we can only truly experience that He is our Healer when we are in pain.

Life goes on as our destiny is in God.


We may survive the heavy fierce storms but we may be caught unguarded in our times where everything is so smooth, so calm and it running fine.

We became complacent and relaxed.

 When we are in the midst of our storm, we are strong and we move forward.

We are aggressive and brave but at the end of life struggles, we have that tendency to collapse.

At the time when everything seems good, we are more vulnerable.

We find ourselves unguarded when the wind blew gently than when we are in the roaring wind.

Remember the story of the Supermonkey and the mighty wind in Series 1. 

We are sailing with Jesus, through the stormy water, He will ease our fear. The Lord is our anchor and we will not be blown by the wind.

May you find life after your every storm,


BE STILL ON YOUR STORMS-SERIES 4 (Look Beyond your Storm)


(Look beyond the storms)

MARK 4:35 -41 

 Be still in your storms 4

In this fourth series of Be still in your storms, we need to understand that storms are just temporary.

Whenever we are in the midst of problems, difficulties, and tribulations, God has always promised for every situation we are in.

Our God is faithful and He will not allow the attack of storms in our life to consume us but rather this will strengthen us. 


 Knowing that God is our present help, consider that storms are just one of the stages in our journey.

We need to understand those storms are just temporary.

Your relationship problem is temporary.

Our debt is just temporary.

Our being jobless is just temporary.

Never so conscious about the storm that we forgot that God is in our boat.

The disciples were so terrified that the boat is being filled up with water, but don’t look at the water that fills your boat. Look on your God who is with you in that boat.

Never so focused on our circumstances that we forgot our destination.

Don’t so focus on the difficulties that we forget the promises.

Don’t magnify the things that are bad that we negate the presence of God.

Don’t be so focused on your sickness that you forgot that our God is the Healer.

Never so overwhelmed by your enemies that we forgot that He is our refuge, a present help in times of trouble.

Remember that the God we serve can defy the law of nature.

Look beyond our storm, because in every dark cloud and gale of wind is a clear day waiting at the end.

It does not mean that the clouds are too dark and that there is no sun on the other side.

In every storm, there will always be a rainbow afterward.


The question may lurk in our minds “Why do we still encounter the fierce storm when God is in our boat?” Is it not possible to continue our journey without any storm since God is with us in our expedition?

All of us are not exempted from all the trials and difficulties even when we have Jesus in our boat.

Why there is still sickness? Why still lost our job?  An endless question of why.

There are no violent storms that cause us to fear knowing that our God is so near.

Isaiah 43:2 says that when you pass through the deep waters I will be with you, and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you…..

In Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Because God does not promises us the obvious. Promises are given where you have the tendency to doubt.

Isaiah 4:10 says So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

God has always specific promises for every storm we are going through.

Never doubt Him in your storms, for we can always rely on Him

May you see His promises in whatever storms you are into,


BE STILL IN YOUR STORM-SERIES 3 (Storm increases our Faith)


(Storm increases your Faith)

MARK 4:35 -41Be Still in your storm 3


In Mark 4:40 And He said to them “Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?

We should understand that we pass different storms not to harm us, not to kill us but to strengthen us.

Our storms come in our life to strengthen and increase our faith.


The storm in our life brings fear. It brings us anxieties.

“But storms should increase our faith as faith could be best practice in our storms.”


Our faith could only be stretched out when we practice it.

Our muscles expand more after regular work out. An athlete who went through a rigid training is more strong, agile and determined than an ordinary person.

Your storms are instrumental in the growth of your faith. The more storms you have, the more muscles your faith will have.


Is it not your happy when you have a bonsai plant and your friend like it because it’s small?

When you parade your pet Chihuahua dog; everyone says that it’s so cute.

But how about our faith? Will God be happy if our faith after five or ten years attending a prayer meeting or going to church and it still remains small?

Will you be happy that we have a cute faith?

Our faith should grow over time. Although the requirement for us is to have a faith at least as small as mustard seed, however, it should not remain as small as it is.

Our faith needs to develop and one way to grow it is by practicing it in our storms.


Storm comes sometimes undetected.

In November 2013, a super typhoon Yolanda, with sustained winds of 235 kilometers per hour with gusts of 275 kph when it made landfall devastated the southern part of the Philippines.  By those measurements, Yolanda would be comparable to a strong Category 4 hurricane in the US, nearly in the top category, a 5. It left Tacloban and other islands in total devastation, leaving the area like a ghost town.

But the strongest typhoon met the strongest people in earth.

In our spiritual world, storms are attacks in our faith. It comes so that we lose and waver our faith.

It’s an enemy’s assault to make you vulnerable, weak and defeated. When your our storms are battering us, we tend to give up, blame and question God why He allows all of this things to happen.

The enemy brings storms in our life not to attack you but because he want to attack our faith.


For the enemy, our faith in God is like valuable commodity.

It’s like an exchange of trade and the enemy what we could become because of our faith.

Because with faith we can please God.

With faith we can have answered prayers.

With faith we can do miracles.

With faith we can touch the heart God.

That is why, he send so many storms in our life because he know what we could become. The enemy knows where God is taking us.

When you lose your job, the enemy is not after your money but he is after your faith.

When your marriage is in the brink of separation, the enemy is not interested in your husband; he is attacking your faith.

When your car was impounded by the bank due to non-payment, the enemy is not after your car, he is after your faith.

Storms should increase our faith as faith could be best practice in our storms. 

Uncommon faith brings uncommon results.


Because when we are in the midst of our storm, we may not feel Him, we may not see Him, we may not heard of Him but it does not indicate that he already jumped off from our boat.

In the midst of storms, it is dark there, it is not quiet and we cannot see him.

He wanted us to stir our boat not from what we know but from what He could do.

When we focus our physical eyes on our surroundings, we will be disappointed.

But instead of fear and doubt, fill our boat with faith.

When we are so conscious about our storms, we will be terrified when the water is filling up our boat.

Like Peter, he already walked on the water but he was distracted by the strong wind that he saw, he slowly sunk down. Jesus told him that how little was his faith.

Don’t expect God to be sensual in our storms.

Because we may not see or feel Him physically, but with faith we will know that He is always in control.

That is the reason why we have to walk by faith and not by sight.

May your storms stretch the muscles of your faith,


Be Still in Your Storm-Series 2 (Talk to Your Storms)


(Talk to Your Storms)

MARK 4:35 -41Be still in your storms 2


In this second series, we will understand that Jesus commanded the storm to stop

His disciples asked themselves who was He that even the force of nature obey Him.

No matter how big our storms are, the second lesson we need to know when we are into the storm is we have to talk to our storms.


 There was a man who was on the rail of a bridge and about to jump off to the river when another guy saw him and persuaded him to stop.

They sat together, talked about their problems and after an hour both of them jumped off the bridge.


Don’t let your storms talk to you but rather talk to your storm.

Don’t let your problems talk to you, talk to your problems.

Never be controlled by the problem that you lose control of yourselves and your sanity.

.In Mk 4:39 and he got up and rebuked the wind and said to the sea “Hush, be still.” And the wind died down and it became perfectly calm.

When we are in our storm, we have to get up and command our storms to go out of our life in Jesus’ Name.

Because God has given us the power and authority to overcome.

In Mt17:20 Jesus said that if we have faith the size of a little mustard seed, you will say to this mountain “ move from here to there and it will move and nothing will be impossible to you.”

Mt 11:23 Truly I say unto you, whoever says to this mountain, Be taken up and cast into the sea and does not doubt into his heart but believe, what he says is going to happen, it will be granted.

You can say to your sickness, “Be healed in Jesus’ Name”.

You can deliver curses in your life.

You can cast out demons and declare deliverance in Jesus’ name.

The name of Jesus is more powerful than the name of any sickness we know.

Because we got the power. Because our God is greater than he who is in this world.

Life and death are at the tip of our tongue.

Use that power to talk to our storms.




Storm does not Indicate the Absence of God

MARK 4:35 -41

Be still iny our storms

It seems hard to believe that we could be blown by the gentle wind.

It looks bizarre that we could fall down by the mild and calm breeze.

Because when there is a storm, we come prepared. We are strong.

We move forward, we are aggressive, and we are wise but cautious.

Many of us stand strong during a roaring hurricane but we fall with the gentle wind.

Because at the end of the struggles, we lost our strength.

We started powerfully but we ended up weak.

Do not be blown by the gentle breeze.
Not another Monkey Story

One time super monkey taunted the mighty wind for competition as he said “ Mighty Wind, I know you are deadly and powerful but today I will prove to you that your power has no might against me. Give what you got and I will triumph over you.”

The Mighty Wind agreed to Super Monkey’s request and started to blow a strong force wind. The monkey braces himself on the trunk of a tree while branches of the tree started to break.

The monkey just laughed and teased Mighty Wind saying “ Is that what you got!!!”, so the wind again with might blew a very strong wind that almost makes the tree bend to the ground nearly breaking it but the monkey stayed strong and held his ground.

Suddenly, the wind became quiet and seems nothing happen. The monkey stands proudly in bewilderment. Then a cold, gentle, calm breeze started to blow and the monkey started to feel asleep. His hands holding onto the trunk became loose and he fell to the ground.


As we go over to the other side where God is leading us, expect that we will pass through different storms in our life.

All of us pass through different storms in life.

A storm is part of our journey.

We may be standing strong amidst all our difficulties but some find it hard to battle their storms.

1 Cor.10:13 says that all pass through different storms and no one is exempted.

When you know that you will be in a fight, you will come forward prepared and expecting the worst yet with determination to win at the end of each round.

Manny Pacquiao will not face his opponent unprepared.

Defeat is not an option that is why he moves with courage and confidence. He is brave and tough.

But a storm is not about the gale wind, the frightening lightning, the roaring thunder because in life we could be facing some covert storm.

In this situation, we see our friends in their best suits but they have this emotional crisis. We envy people with their expensive BMW but they are three months lagging on their monthly payment. We admire people with them but they are behind with their amortization. We look at people as vibrant and energetic but they are in a battle with their sicknesses. We want the position of our boss but they cannot sleep and take a vacation because of so much stress and pressures at work.

But here are the 5 LIFE lessons we need to understand HOW TO BE STILL in our storms.



The presence of storms in our life does not mean that God is not with us. In fact, the presence of God is with us.

In fact, it is the presence of God that sustains us in battle the storm in our life.

Psalm 46:1 says our God is our very present help in times of trouble.

God is present in our tribulations, in our sufferings, and in our struggles because He is a very present help in our times of need.

Call upon the name of the Lord and he will be with us.

It does not mean that when we are being shaken by the strong wind, God is absent.

It does not mean that God is sleeping in our boat and don’t care about us.

The disciples were so terrified that they ask Jesus if He doesn’t really care if in times were about to die.

God may be silent but it does not justify God’s absence nor deny His existence

Because when we are in the midst of our storm, we may not feel Him, we may not see Him, we may not hear of Him but it does not indicate that he already jumped off from our boat.

Using our eyes makes us more afraid.

Amid storms, it is dark, there is chaos and we cannot see him. That is the reason why we have to walk by faith and not by sight.

But God is present and He is with us.

We may have that suffering, tribulation, or problems but God is not jumping off our boat. He is with us.

Call upon the name of the Lord and He will come to your aid.

May His presence sustain you amid the storm,