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GOD’S ASSURANCE-Are you covered?


THE OFFERGod assurance

There were three insurance agents who were offering their services to prospective customers.

The prospective customer asked them “Give me reasons why I have to consider your company for me to be insured?

The first agent started with confidence as he says” If you insured yourself with us, the company guarantees that you are insured from birth to death”. “It’s a normal offer,” says the customer.” “But how about the second agent?” she added.

The second customer arranges his ties and pulls his suit. Proudly he says “I have a better offer for you. When you take a policy with us, you are covered from womb to tomb” The customer was almost convinced but she cannot wait for the last offer.

The last agent stood up and assured her that this is the best offer she can get from an insurance company. Then he added” When you apply for insurance with us, you rest assured that you are covered from conception to resurrection”


Many people today are covered by INSURANCE.

Most of us insured our cars, our houses from any fire, our home contents even.

You buy a piece of appliance and they will ask you if you want to insure them for an additional warranty.

You borrow money, you use your credit cards, and they asked you to pay the insurance.

We insured our business; we pay life insurance premiums, for education and to name a few.

Do you know that even some insured their lips, their buttocks? It’s funny but it’s true.


Insurance is a good part of investment and a pillar of the financial foundation. Better if we have one and can afford it.

A usual insurance ratio is 1:100. A dollar we spent covers us to a hundred folds.

It will be very beneficial if we are covered especially in case of emergency, we have an immediate resort.

Especially for example here in UAE, medical expenses are very expensive and we need insurance to afford them.

We as OFW are not exempted. Every time we go out of the country, we pay for Philhealth & OWWA and which is medical insurance and protection for Filipinos working abroad.

It benefits our loved ones something unexpected happens to us. The funds we left will help them to sustain and continue their life even when we’re gone.


Insurance alone is not enough.

We neglect and fail to realize that there is a far better offer that we don’t accept.

To rely on the protection the world could give is false security.

Insurance is not bad at all, what is bad is the misconception that with insurance alone, we are already protected. The protection provided by insurance is just limited to our existence and not more than that.

Some people insured themselves but they don’t assure themselves of better coverage. They don’t let themselves be covered by God’s ASSURANCE.


We need something more than what this world could give us.

We need something that could last beyond our life here on earth.

1. The world offer INSURANCE but not ASSURANCE

2. INSURANCE is a GAMBLE while ASSURANCE is based on FAITH-

To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see-Hebrews 11:1

3. INSURANCE expires but God’s promise of ASSURANCE endures

Great is Thy faithfulness, His mercies begin afresh each day
-Lamentations 3:23

4. INSURANCE has limitations but His ASSURANCE has no limit

God’s limitation to give is based on our limit to receive.

5. INSURANCE is bound by LAW but ASSURANCE is founded by GRACE

God’s grace is amazing.

6. INSURANCE requires periodic PREMIUM but GOD’s ASSURANCE
requires our TRUST

7. LIFE INSURANCE covers you till you reach 90’s but God’s Assurance is











Only in God, we be certain.

Only in God, we can rely on His promises.

Let ourselves be covered by God’s assurance.

Start now and let your happiness be full.

Mike Sendon

RELY ON GOD- He Knows Best



In a small community, there was a parish where everybody knows who their neighbors are. After a Thanksgiving mass, children one by one give gifts to their Parish Priest. As the children came with their gifts, the priest told them to halt for a while as he will guess what was inside the box. A child came and the priest said, “That gift is loaves of bread!” When he opened the gift, it was bread, and the children were stunned in surprise as the priest has been able to guess what was inside the box. He told the children, “Your Father knows best!” The priest knows that the child is a son of a baker.

Another child came, and the priest told the child “inside that box are eggs” because he knows that she was a daughter of a farmer. The children clapped in surprise and the priest said to them “I told you your Father knows best!” then the last child, a son of a winemaker came and the priest told him, “Boy I know that your gift is a bottle of wine!” The boy said “No Father”. He handed it over to the priest and the priest holds the box, shake it and touch something is wet underneath. “I told you it is a wine!” The boy nods his head. The priest tastes it and he said: “this is not a wine!” He tastes it again and he said it is neither brandy nor whiskey also. Then he asked the boy,” what is this little boy?” the boy said, “Father that is a puppy”.

How many times do we commit mistakes and wrong decisions in life? Maybe not once.

The reason is that we usually rely on our own understanding.

We always thought we can do it on our own, but realize in the end that we fail.

Why? We rely upon and presume we can do it. Maybe because we know we have connections, we know people who can do it for us, we have enough resources and we are equipped with much knowledge to do it.

But the truth is, apart from God we cannot do anything.

Not by might nor by power but by spirit said the Lord.

We have to rely upon that our God is able to do exceedingly beyond what we can do

Proverbs, says, the mind of man plans his way but the Lord directs his steps.

To rely on means:

1.         REMEMBER the good things He has done.

We have to always remember the good things God has done for us.

Count the number of blessings we received and you will be relieved from all your worries and fears.

When David presented himself in front of King Saul to fight Goliath, King Saul told him that he is just a boy, so small to face the opponent. But David replies that how God delivered him from the paw of both the lion and the bear, God will deliver him from the hand of this Goliath as well.

David remembers what God has done to him

When a thought comes to me that I need financial blessings, I just remember the times when I was an ice cream vendor. In spite of rainy days, His blessings were abundant even on rainy days.

Whenever I am sick, I just remember the time that I was once afflicted with a skin disease and God healed me.

When we start to count our blessings, we will never stop. Have we counted our blessings lately?

Remember always the bigness of God rather than the bigness of our circumstances.

He is bigger than any problems and circumstances we are facing.

2.            EXERCISE our FAITH 

Faith is a gift that we need to exercise. Picture out that the answer to our prayers is just right there. It is seeing things that cannot be seen by our naked eyes.

Rely upon that God’s answer is just right here. It’s available and you have received it. In prayer, we have to thank Him for the answered request.

Six years back, I and my wife prayed for a baby boy and there was what we wrote always in our prayer request. Every time we visit the clinic for check-ups and ultrasounds, the doctors always told us that it was a girl. The image they could see was a girl. To be sure, we even go for a 3-dimensional scan and expect what? The image says that it was a girl.

On the day that Jona delivered, we were amazed because it was a lovely, healthy baby boy and we named him Michael Gabriel.

Logic says that to see is to believe. If our eyes can’t see, our mind tells us that it does not exist. Faith is seeing beyond what our eyes can’t see.

But God’s principle is different. Believe and you will see. Believe and you allow Him to work wonders in our life. Abraham believes and it accounts for him for righteousness.

The more we exercise, our muscles expand. The more we practice our faith, the more our trust in Him grows.

Exercise our faith, there’s nothing to lose. 


To fully rely on God, we lean not on what we know. We lean not on what we can do or what others can do to us.

It does not mean that we don’t trust ourselves.

Nor do we have low self-esteem and lack self-confidence.

It does not mean that we don’t trust others’ ability to help us.

Our plan is different from His plan. Things work according to His divine plan and purpose.

Things we might not understand, but He has a greater purpose.

We don’t boast or brag about what we can do.

King Saul thought that his sword and his armor would help David defeat the enemy. Saul thought that Goliath, a veteran warrior since his younger age would be enough to win.

Humble ourselves before God because he knows best. 

4.            YEARN on His power to do

David used his sling and five smooth stones he took from the brook to defeat Goliath.

Moses used his stick to perform miracles. Joshua and his men use seven trumpets of ram’s horn and their shout to trample the wall of Jericho.

Jesus used mud to heal a blind man. He used the five loaves of bread and fish to feed thousands of people. He turned water into the finest jars of wine.

God is able to do in His power to use whatever we have.

He can turn even our difficulties into opportunities. Our suffering into blessings. Our weakness into a strength.

Never focus on our fears as fears defeat us inside. The soldiers were already defeated even though they have not yet fully engaged with their enemies because by their fears already crushed them.

But David won the battle because he don’t rely on his power but on the power of His God.

Our God never changes.  He is the same God who can turn our fears into power.

Rely on what He can do. God is able.

May your happiness be full.

Mike Sendon